Safari with Suyash Ep 1: A Safari Begins | #WWFVoices

My name is Suyash Keshari and I am a 23-year old wildlife cameraman. My first black rhino ever Two of the cubs are approaching us now For the past decade, I have been using my photograophy as a tool to tell some of the most important stories about our wild wonders. But for the first […]

Farmers’ Golf competition in Switzerland – Red Bull Hornussen

Hornussen is a Swiss traditional sport. You need four things to play it: a stick, a “hornuss”, a “traf” and a paddle. It dates back to the times of Jeremias Gotthelf. Red Bull Hornussen is all about the strokes. It is different from the usual Hornussen game. We have invited the best 32 Hornussen players […]

Triumph Tiger Explorer Test 2016 – Onroad und Offroad | BMW GS-Killer? (English Subtitles)

Welcome dear 1000PS fans! Today we’re in Faro, Portugal, where Triumph is presenting their new Tiger Explorer models. In total there are 8 different models now. 2 of those have lowered seats and suspension. While another version is available in specific countries only – the standard XR. ‘Why?’ – you might ask. We’ll explain it […]

Playing Golf with the Pros!


Hi, I’m Don Peterson of the Swing Factory Golf Center here in Woodstock, Georgia just north of Atlanta. As a teacher, you try to come up with a different ways to explain thing to people and I have two analogies to share with you today that help me explain centrifugal force to my students. Centrifugal […]

GOLF MOTIVATION – Theory of Competition

Here is this thing that makes life so interesting The theory of evolution claims only the strong shall survive Maybe so, maybe so… but the theory of competition says, just because they´re the strong doesn’t mean they can’t get their asses kicked Thats right see, with every long shot come from behind, underdog will tell […]

The Try Guys Test Sleep-Deprived Driving

– [Eugene] 36 hours. Zero sleep. (Keith crying) – [Keith] Ugh, I feel awful! – We are going to be driving while sleep deprived. – Yeah, I’ve, I’ve done that one. Whoopsie doopsie! – [Ned] Now this isn’t something you think of as like an intoxication, right? – Out of all the things we’re testing, […]

How To Teach The Mental Game Of Golf To A Teen – Craig Sigl

It’s the 18th hole and my 15 year old son, AJ walks up to the green. He takes his time eyeing his ball that is laying about 25 feet from the hole. It’s a double breaker that requires a bit of an uphill putt. He needs to make this shot in (one stroke?)to win his […]