Badminton-Mixed doubles – (9) The right female posture

Mixed Doubles The Right Female Player’s Posture He is my mixed double male partner I am female mixed double player yeah watch this I see a lot of this so he is about to serve come closer this lady player too much considering his partner she wanted to help him she doesn’t want to stand […]

Shoaib Akhtar in Conversation with Virender Sehwag | Pakistan vs India | World Cup 2019

welcome to Shoaib Akhtar’s YouTube channel. Today we have a very special guest with us. A match winner, terrorising fast bowler, people used to make fun of him, he has won numerous matches. People think we are rivals, but he is a very good friend or that we fight a lot, but reality is quite […]

Badminton-Body Posture for Net Play in Level Doubles (Level Doubles Correction)

Level Doubles Correction-Net play Correct way to set racket and body posture for net kill and interception at the net ok Tim, this is Tim this is you that’s your partner ok point 1 – when you are at the net ready to intercept 99% your feet position is like that and then your racket […]

Google’s AI Plays Football…For Science! ⚽️

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is Two Minute Papers with Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Reinforcement learning is an important subfield within machine learning research where we teach an agent to choose a set of actions in an environment to maximize a score. This enables these AIs to play Atari games at a superhuman level, control drones, robot arms, […]

Dog VS Owner (Tug of war)/Pies VS Właściciel (Przeciąganie)

Come on Major, I have only one arm Long time, when we last played with this toy Mostly we’re pulling sticks like that in forest When Major saw this toy he became crazy From long time you didn’t try to tear your prey, wolf This mass of energy must grapple So we ride, go Or […]

Rückfahrkamera in GOLF 5 einbauen | zum Nachmachen |

In Mo’s car we will also install a rear-view camera because Mo has a Kenwood multimedia naviceiver in his car where you can also switch to a rear-view camera-mode when the reverse gear is set you have to know Mo is a special kind of driver driving backwards could potentially be tricky in this case […]

Football For a Cause

Football For a Cause: transforming our national passion into the most powerful tool of social transformation. In Brazil 6 out of 10 students of public schools finish high school do not knowing the basics of Portuguese and Mathematics. This mean that about 13 Million people suffer from this problem. We see football as a tool […]

Badminton Different Backhand Grip for Different Impact Point

Different Backhand Grip for Different Impact Point Please be aware that my voice was not 100% clear as I was having a flu In order to make good shot it is so important to have right grip for the backhand depending on where you are taking the shuttlecock the position of your thumb is all […]

Your Cricket Bats and Balls are HANDMADE! | एस जी क्रिकेट | SG Cricket Meerut | Nimisha Raizada

Hiiiiiii, I am Nimisha Raizada and I am a Travel Vlogger and today I am here at SG Factory! So I am heading with my brothers and Mami to SG factory. It is in Meerut. So, Rohan, would you like to say something? “Yes, I love Cricket” I can’t wait to see all the new […]

How to Play Don Bradman Cricket 17 With Keyboard (Without Vjoy)

Friends if you want to know how to play don bradman cricket 17 on PC with keyboard and without the help of Vjoy or controller. Then, watch this video till the end. Hello friends, my name is Sachin and you are watching Shark Tech. Friends, we all know how good the Don Bradman Cricket 17 […]