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Rabbiting Rolls Royce – ultimate Texas hunting vehicle

[Music] Now, we’ve been fortunate enough to play with some interesting shooting vehicles in our time, from Tim Pilbeam’s freak of engineering to Ferraris. Today, we are in Texas where they take it to a whole different level. Allow me to introduce you to the Rolls Royce Silver Spur shooting vehicle. Looking like it’s been […]

Canadian artist fired after cartoon shows President Trump playing golf

A Canadian cartoonist has been fired after an illustration he drew of President Donald Trump standing over the bodies of two drowned migrants The cartoon Michael de Adder drew was for publishing company, Brunswick News Inc. in New Brunswick The company has since terminated his contact after the drawing went viral on social media   The cartoon, […]

Crazy Cranford Cowboy rides a homemade battery-powered horse

I am about to introduce you to a man who has galloped into the hearts of his neighbors. He’s the hero we didn’t know we needed. Meet my new best friend, Steve Bacque, “the Crazy Cranford Cowboy.” So what do you do with an old Texas rodeo cowboy when he marries a Jersey girl, he’s […]

Big City Biologists – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[traffic noise] This state and the world in general is becoming more and more urban. Typically when I tell people I’m an urban wildlife biologist they say things like, ‘do you study rats and cockroaches?’ There’s a misconception that cities are not the place for wildlife and it’s just not true. [music] I think it’s […]


(Gentle music plays over the sound of surf and seagulls) We wander, and when we wander sometimes we come across beauty, destruction, and people who are rising up from it We had no idea what had happened in Port Aransas, Texas, only 15 months before our arrival But, keep watching and let us show you […]

Why Driving Coast to Coast In A Drift Car Matters – Dapper Drift Episode 15

here the differential is leaking if I am interpreting this correctly ladies and gentlemen this is what not enough clearance looks like here’s a walk what that one because they did check it out and you spot their local cops Azzam that’s fine just found out the package was attempt delivered a while ago that’s […]

Camp Discovery Helps Kids Build an Electric Dune Buggy

[background music] Our success story this week profiles the American Cancer Society’s Camp Discovery in Kerrville, Texas. Here, kids who have been battling various forms of cancer got to help build an electric dune buggy. ACE Technologies, a local engineering consulting firm, helped design the EV kit using an ATV chassis. The gas engine was […]

SOLD by LANDiO : Mobile Home Lot in Texas with Utilities

– Hello, this is Tory with LANDiO. We have a new property, it’s a wooded homesite in Texas. It’s over a quarter acre, it has utilities, it’s near Lake Livingston and the city of Livingston. This is the property right here with these dense mature trees. You have paved road frontage, electricity lines and poles […]