Football is coming to Texas Wesleyan University

We don’t love college football because of instant replay we don’t love it because of VIP parking either no it’s about something else it’s walk-ons trick plays and rivalry games it’s about loyalty and tradition it’s about the students it’s about the game this is why we love football this is Texas Wesleyan

Sam Ehlinger Honors Late Father on Texas Football Field | The Players’ Tribune

There’s Daddy! All right, say, “Texas Fight!” – Texas Fight! Hi, Daddy. – Texas football was kinda the connecting point for my family. It was something that we were always looking forward to, we could always talk about. And every weekend it was what we were doing together as a family. – There was no […]

RT Life – Return of the Cricket

Wait what, what just happened? We had to fill out declaration cards for a lady in Japan. And we were passing this area which is completely closed down and dark and creepy. And I said “oh, well there’s probably some pens right here”. And so we went to go take one of these pens on […]

Brookhaven Women’s Volleyball fundraiser

Hi, my name is Cat I’m 19 years old and I’ve been playing volleyball since I was about 13 Hi, my name is Princess Hamilton I play for Brookhaven volleyball team as a middle blocker and will be entering my second year, so I will be a sophomore this year. Hi, my name is Alexis […]

A Day in the Life of a Student on TEXAS FOOTBALL Gameday | Saturdaze

(Dez) – What’s up, everybody? You’re probably wondering, “Where’s George?”. Is this even a coiski video? Don’t worry. George is still around. This is still a coiski video series. I’m Dez. I’m the host of your new favorite YouTube show, “Saturdaze” “Saturdaze” gives you the student point-of-view of your favorite universities on a Saturday. So […]

Get A First Look Inside $70 Million Texas High School Football Stadium | TODAY

This high school football team’s bond is a REAL LIFE Friday Night Lights

[Coach Kim] I’ve had a kid evicted the night before a game. Didn’t show up for practice and so I think about that and God that’s heartbreaking. – [Coach] gotta eat, guys. – When’s his next meal gonna be? He has to make enough money to help pay the rent. He doesn’t know where his […]