Wheel Masters Wheel Accessories – Vehicle Wheel Cover – WM3195B0 Review – etrailer.com

Today were reviewing part number WM3195B0 from Wheel Masters. This is a set of four stainless steel wheel covers they fit wheels that are 19 and a half-inches diameter and that have either ten lug nuts or six lug nuts and ten hand holes. Two, four, six, eight, ten hand holes. It comes with all […]

10 Minute Photo Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

(upbeat music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey and I’m here with my sistah, – Jordan! From JustJordan33. – And today were going to be doing the ten minute photo challenge. At a resort. – Oh yes. – So, but we’re having this as a twist up. I am gonna be taking pictures of Jordan first […]