The Importance of Cricket to the West Indies | Gillette World Sport

We’re in Barbados where we discover the importance of cricket to Caribbean culture. Cricket is the number one sport in the Caribbean. Cricket is what brings all the people and brings all the families and gives all the people of the Caribbean joy. Where I come from, you can see children five or six years […]

Explore The Milky Way Galaxy – Documentary HD #Advexon

The Milky Way galaxy… a vast cosmic city of 200 billion stars. We live in a quiet neighborhood, tucked away in a safe neck of the woods. But what if we could take our planet on a journey across the galaxy? From the violent graveyards where stars, billions of years old, go to die… to […]

How Eye-Tracking Can Enhance Badminton Performance | The Tech Race

Welcome to The Tech Race. Where do we look? Why are there things we miss? How does an athlete’s peripheral vision match up to their competition? (PRECISION, PERFORMANCE, POWER, DATA, TRAINING, SPEED) (ENDURANCE, GADGET, BADMINTON EYE-TRACKING SYSTEM) Technology allows us to track and measure eye activity. The results of eye-tracking can be amazing, directly affecting […]

Awesome Personal Transportation For Your Everyday Life 🔹5

Advanced Personal Robot, Mobile AI Sidekick, Mini Personal Transporter Auto-follow, video capture, touch & voice control. Smooth, self-balancing transporter powered by Segway. Powerful AI that incorporates Intel RealSense. Playful expressions and personality. With its advanced computer vision, Loomo can follow you autonomously, shoot stabilized video, and more. LOOMO offers a smooth riding experience across many […]

Cool Mini Cars You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

– [Narrator] With more people moving into cities and increasing CO2 emissions becoming the latest threat to our existence, smaller cars might be one solution. Some of the following 10 cars are so small that “mini” might be the better word. (arcade game noises) Number 10, the Heinkel Kabine. After WWII, Germany wasn’t exactly awash […]

2016 Volkswagen: Car Technology – SD Card Reader

In this video we’ll be showing you how to use the SD card readar on the 2016 Volkswagen Golf R. Start by powering up your entertainment console and selecting the menu hardware button. Next take your standard SD memory card and insert it into one of the two available SD card slots located in the […]

What’s inside Nike Air VaporMax?

– It will probably be interesting to other people. – [Dan] Those are tough. Goodbye VaporMax that are not even out yet. (saw blade buzzing) (boxes crashing) (Lincoln screams) (laughs) What was that? – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we’re gonna cut open some Nike Air Max. […]

Tesla-powered Porsche 912: vintage meets electric

Five, four, three, two, one. (car engine roaring) (upbeat music) This is a 1968 Porsche 912 powered by a Tesla drivetrain. It’s not just fast; it’s the culmination of a years-long boom in taking vintage cars and retrofitting them with EV technology. It’s the brainchild of two guys: David Bernardo, the founder of Zelectric Motors, […]

What’s inside a $400 vs $50 Cooler?

– I never thought I’d buy a $400 cooler, and now we’re gonna destroy it. Whoa! – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln and this is Dan, and today we are wearing safety glasses. – Safety first, or second. – And we have a $400 Yeti cooler. – Have you guys seen these things? […]

How to redesign a Sport Car Seat with SolidWorks

SolidWorks Free Form Reverse Engineering Convert existing SolidWorks® geometry into reference mesh Automatic retopologizing of enclosed areas Add control only where you need it Fully integrated in SolidWorks From Mesh to CAD easily WWW.THINKSCAN.CO.UK