Cricket Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies – You Made What?! – bug recipe

Greetings my lovelies! Hi it’s Emmy! Welcome back to another ‘You Made What?!’ So today I have for you a recipe that I alluded to in my ‘5 Days of Bugmas.’ If you missed my ‘5 Days of Bugmas’ it was a little countdown to Christmas in which I ate several bugs and not-bugs, including […]


Hello guys it is barry here welcome (says hello in various languages) and hi welcome oh I say you have been practicing your lingo, I have been brushing up on my lingo, what is this with the drum roll I do not know it is just like an introduction, this is my Mum if you […]

The More You Pay, The Better It Tastes, It’s Science!

this is a story from Cornell University basically found out that the more you pay for your food the better you think a taste yeah the Brian widened 16 who is the PhD in Co other this study he said we were surprised by the result especially we found that pricing had little impact on […]