The first Olympic test event to include a mixed team event | Archery News

Commentator: Jeon InaCommentator: Kim WoojinI think I have gained a lot of experience at this test event in preparation for the Olympics in Tokyo next year from a lot of perspectives like the venue and the environment This will be a big help to the Korean team next year especially in the mixed team which […]

The Rules of Archery – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Archery The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Archery, sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic’ or ‘Target Archery’ is a sport where you use a bow, to shoot arrows into a target. The main two competition bows are a recurve bow, where the arms of […]

Archery | Bow Stands

[shhh-thunk] Hey guys, this is NUSensei, and today we’re talking about bow stands. Now you are probably wondering “what the heck NUSensei, that’s a pretty boring topic,” and really bow stands aren’t that complex. There aren’t too many kinds, they’re pretty easy to get, and there’s nothing much to explain. However, bow stands can be […]

Warrior Games: Army wins archery

Soldiers are on target at the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The Army dominated at the bow and arrow. With some resistance from the Marines, Army proved to be the stronger team in the archery competition. Soldiers swept the event by taking home four out of the six medals awarded. Sergeant Robert Price picked […]

Archery Tips : How to Determine Your Dominant Eye for Archery

Archery takes a lot of hand eye coordination. Hi, I’m Joe and I’m going to teach you how to find your dominant eye when shooting archery. The first thing you want to do is take your hand and you want to place it like this with a small hole in the center of your hand […]

Archery | Bare Shaft Tuning

One of the most common misconceptions that people new to the sport have, is that you can use any arrow with any bow. The reality is that archers will pick specific arrows to suit their bow, selecting a particular spine rating based on actual draw weight, which in turn is based on bow weight, and […]

How to Shoot a Bow & Arrow: Beginner’s Archery : How to Stand When Shooting a Bow & Arrow

Hi, my name is Charlie Labarda. I’m here with Expert Village, to talk about beginning archery. Now we will talk about our stance. I will stand pretty much; part of my body just facing a little bit at an angle. My feet position; it’s just a normal stance where I’m comfortable that I’ve got my […]

Archery | Arrow Nocks – Correct Size

One of the really small things that can be overlooked in archery. And I do mean literally small It’s the size of your nocks. Now for most people, this won’t really matter. But it does matter. As most of you know by now, when you nock the arrow it clips on to the string and […]