Physical Education Games – 4-Sqaure Volleyball

This is ‘4-Square Volleyball’ and it’s basically the 4-square game but using the volleyball skills: setting, serving, bumping. This is for grades 5-8 and you will need a volleyball. Here we have our 4-square court set up. A player will start in each one of those squares. The extra players will be along the edge. […]

Gym Games – Football Frenzy

This game is called ‘Football Frenzy’. Set-up 4 cones. Place a hula hoop in the middle with 2 footballs inside. Set-up many of these in the field or gym if you wish. Create two lines at two cones. On the signal, the first person in each line will run to the football and pick it […]

Physical Education Games – Rainbow Road

This game is called ‘Rainbow Road’. You will need colored spots (lilly pads) or you can use hula hoops as long as you have a bunch of different colors. Place the lilly pads along the floor randomly so that they are all spread out. Split the students up into four groups. The teacher will call […]