Cheap Coilovers Vs Expensive Spacer Lift

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets, and today we have a video that I guess kind of stems from people asking us a whole bunch of questions, and a lot of times people are wondering what’s better, a cheap coilover, or an expensive lift kit, and when we mean lift kit, […]


(menacing music) – We’re back for another test. You guys asked for it when we did the tug-of-war. This time we’re doing a full out drag race between the Arkon K350 and Custom Offset’s flagship truck, the CO2. One side, we’ve got the diesel. It’s turbo charged. It’s on a eight inch BDS, and on […]

2019 Volkswagen Golf SportWagen | KISS Principle | TestDriveNow

There is a surprisingly large faction of car buyers who don’t want “stuff.” I see it in my comments section all the time: “I don’t need…just more to go wrong, more I’ll have to fix, too complicated.” Well, this review is for those people: the VW Golf SportWagen. There’s no smart key, no push button […]

Building Our TUG OF WAR Trucks!

– So hopefully you guys saw the video that we posted on Sunday where we told everyone that we are doing a tug-of-war. – We are gonna hook up the K-350, otherwise known as the F-350 for Arkon, up against CO2, our 2015 Silverado HD gasser six liter. And we are gonna tug-of-war until something […]


(ominous music) – Hey guys if you don’t know me, I’m Shawn with Custom Offsets and hopefully you’ve been following along and you know that this is the tug of war of CO2, our flagship truck for Custom Offsets, against Fuller and the K350, the F-Ford 350 build, F-350 build– – You can’t even say […]

Torsion spring lift – build a buggy in your backyard

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again Last time you’ve seen I’ve shortened the buggy Today I will focus on the rear side A lot improvements can be done This is too low By accident it is a beetle rear axle with torsion springs If I’m correct it can be easy raised Let’s see if that’s […]

QA1 Rod Ends Heim Joints Steering Suspension Adjustment Connection Threaded Eyelet

Hey, I’m Jeremy with QA1. Today I’m gonna walk you through how we expect our rod ends. First we check our threads. We use go/no-go gauges. We check the bore. We check the ball width and the thread length with a digital caliper, the Rockwell hardness testing. Those are the tests we use to inspect […]

Strut Bar – Explained

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s video. Today I’m going to be explaining strut bars and the purpose of strut bars. Now, essentially strut bars are used to increase the rigidity of a car, for when you’re cornering or if you hit bump or something like that, you’re gonna increase the rigidity of your […]

How To Install VW Rabbit Rear Coilovers (ST Suspension, Shock Replacement, Golf) FCP Euro

hey what’s going everybody Garren FCP today we’ll be filming our first full track video that i will be working on 2007 rabbit today and we’ll also be installing an xt suspension spoil over kit of course the process for this is going to be very similar for just replacing the standard shocks but let’s […]