S. Korea, Vietnam chosen by FIFA as football’s “surprise” teams of 2019

fIFA has announced at 12 national teams that surprise football fans around the world this year with unexpected accomplishments among them we’re South Korea’s under-20 team which reached the final of the under-20 World Cup the first South Korean men’s team to do so Viet Nam’s national team under par Kang Sora’s leadership also made […]

Ellen Surprises a Deserving High School Football Coach & His Team

I received a letter the other day about an amazing high school football coach and his team in Ferguson, Missouri. And here’s what it says. Dear Ellen, Howard Brown is the head football coach at McCluer-South Berkeley High School. In his 15 years as a coach, he has made it his life’s work to change […]

The Football Feeling

The match has been postponed for 5 minutes because the spectators are having trouble getting into the stadium. What the F*** is going on?! Thank you everyone!

Volleyball Nations League 2019 (Preview)

the second edition of volleyball nation sleek men starts on Friday in 2018 final Russia smash the host friends by winning 2-0 this season the formula is the same and teams are gained 16 Argentina Australia Brazil Bulgaria China Canada France Germany Iran Italy Japan Poland Portugal Russia Serbia and the USA the teams will […]

What’s inside a Jack in the Box Toy?

(light music) – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln and this is Dan. Today, we’re cutting open jack-in-the-box. – But before we cut open the jack-in-the-box, we got to get out of these ridiculous outfits so let’s get out of them. – Yeah, let’s get out. – That feels better. I’m not in a […]

Ryan & Rose – Cutie Cart

What?! (Made the Cutie Cart) oh so cool! The Cutie Cart! Oh my goodness. You’re just full of surprises. Oh I love it! Thank you honey. Even has RR. What?! We are like.. warehouse ready. Haha. I’m really surprised like I had no idea is it lifted (factory) factory oh my goodness (that’s the Moto […]


(light music) (upbeat music) – Hey guys, guess what today is? – It’s my mom’s birthday! – Alright so real quick before we get started with anything, I want you guys to guess how old I am. And before you do any guesses, I’m going to give you one hint because I’m scared of the […]