American Football Field Basics + Yard:Meter Conversion

An American football field is about the same size as a soccer field. You mean a football field is the same size as a fútbol field? That’s crazy! Yes, an American football field is about the same length as a European fútbol field at 120 yards, but it’s only 50 yards wide. 53.33 yards to […]

How the NFL’s magic yellow line works

The virtual yellow line in NFL broadcasts is great. It tells viewers how far the offense needs to advance for a first down. It looks really simple and elegant but creating that line was a massive engineering challenge. It started in the mid 90s when the Fox Sports network tried to make hockey easier to […]

NFL week 15 picks predictions Scores upset picks football season 2019-2020

NFL week 5 picks and predictions national football league 2019-2020 NFL season NFL Games I will be talking about today NFL Week 5 picks and predictions for the 2019-2020 football season Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 5 Let me know in my comments Below thanks Subscribe to me […]


NFL sports news just in breaking news update and sports highlights NFL WEEK 14 PICKS AND PREDICTIONS NFL FOOTBALL PICKS 2019-2020 NFL SEASON I suppose I say I say I say I expose I say I say I should be talking about NFL right now right I should be talking about NFL should I be […]


what’s up MNBeast was is crazy week 14 picks was though some crazy week 14 NFL picks that’s right Wow some crazy on NFL football games but I bet you and me and others want to know a little bit more what we were gonna see with that Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers game right […]


NFL games Thanksgiving football NFL week 13 picks super fast Happy thanksgiving to everyone Here are my updated NFL picks for week 13 with my Against the spreads Vegas lines NFL football games NFL Sunday pregame show lets see who will win today’s football games NFL Vegas lines money lines take these as you like […]

NFL week 13 picks 2019 football season

NFL WEEK 13 PICKS AND PREDICTIONS NFL FOOTBALL GAMES 2019-2020 SEASON Score predictions Teams I am picking to win for Thursday Thanksgiving games Chicago Bears win Dallas Cowboys win New Orleans saints win Sunday NFL football games for week 13 picks my picks are Cincinnati Bengals win upset pick Indianapolis Colts win Oakland Raiders win […]

Philly Cheese Steak Dip – Food Wishes – Football Food

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with Philly cheesesteak dip that’s right Philadelphia’s going to the Superbowl in an honor of that we’re gonna do their famous sandwich and dip form which to be honest is not that easy for me since there’s a Giants fan I really dislike the Eagles but […]

NFL Week 12 picks predictions NFL football season 2019

NFL Week 11 picks predictions NFL football season 2019 NFL week picks the end of NFL predictions weeks 11-17 Please help us get back the NFL picks woo by doing this for us Sunday pregame NFL show will come with this new Challenge Also pass some holiday cheer to all your family and friends woo […]