American Football Field Basics + Yard:Meter Conversion

An American football field is about the same size as a soccer field. You mean a football field is the same size as a fútbol field? That’s crazy! Yes, an American football field is about the same length as a European fútbol field at 120 yards, but it’s only 50 yards wide. 53.33 yards to […]

How the NFL’s magic yellow line works

The virtual yellow line in NFL broadcasts is great. It tells viewers how far the offense needs to advance for a first down. It looks really simple and elegant but creating that line was a massive engineering challenge. It started in the mid 90s when the Fox Sports network tried to make hockey easier to […]

FootBall In Vacuum Chamber?

Upbeat music plays Alright everyone, welcome back to Cody’sLab. So I just watched some awesome video of the astronauts on the space station passing a football. And apparently the pass was something like 500,000 yards; that’s because the space station is of course moving very quickly around the earth. But it got me thinking; What […]

Jimmy Recaps Thanksgiving, Sunday Night Football and Sings Some Leftover Advice

-We are here on a Sunday. [ Cheers and applause ] You know, after spending 12 hours on Thanksgiving eating, drinking, and watching football, it was nice to relax today with 12 hours of eating, drinking, and watching football. There were some big matchups today. You had Oakland versus Kansas City, San Francisco versus Baltimore, […]

SUPER BOWEL 50 – Axis Football 2015 Gameplay

James: WOOOOOOOOOEEE! James: Get out your pigpens and hide up your trunk stoppers cause we’re playing mud slapping football! Bruce: Dun-dun-dun-dun-du-du-dun dun dun Adam: I can’t sing any of that James: I wore my Super Bowl hat Bruce: That’s a Mega64 hat James: Fuck James: We will play for the fate of your people James: […]


Hey guys, it’s Ro! Today we are gonna be making some DIY Football Treats. Superbowl is just around the corner and being a Seattle native I am so excited for the Seahawks! In college I was actually a football cheerleader, I really enjoy watching the game. So alright, let’s get started! The 1st thing that […]

DIY Easy Football Treats!

Hey guys, it’s Ro! Super Bowl is approaching and I have been getting so many requests from you guys to make some new Football themed treats. I love making treats to celebrate! And today, we are gonna be making 3 DIY Football Treats. I’m excited for The Super Bowl this year, I love watching the […]

Why do taxpayers pay billions for football stadiums?

gather around their televisions surrounded by loved ones, to watch the Big Game. And the pinnacle event of the most profitable sports league in the world is more often than not played in a new state-of-the-art stadium with super-sized digital displays retractable roofs luxurious box seats and suites. Teams generally earn the lion’s share of […]