The Difference Between Recovery Rope & Tow Rope – Gear Up With Gregg’s

Hey there, Im Gary, and welcome back to another episode of Gear up with Greggs. Today were going to put the strength of the Atlas Nylon Tow Ropes to the test. Towing has been around for as long as there have been large objects or vehicles to haul from place to place. You can tow […]

Garantili T-BAR dersi ( snowboard ) – Right Technique for The T Bar Ride

How to ride the T-Bar. Don’t be afraid. You can do it easly. You can achieve easily with 5 steps Don’t smoke dude 🙂 Step 1: Relax and look forward Step 2 : Your shoulders should stand in the same direction as the board Step 3 : You have to lean slightly forward Step 4 […]

Volleyball. Training Video. How to spike a volleyball. Part 1.

Hello, with you Vereshagin volleyball player Today we will consider the attacking blow The attacking blow is difficult technical element Therefore we will segment our training And we’ll start with making a lightweight version Gradually complicating Today we study – running start Running start, its main task to jump out up as it is possible […]

Learn These Amazing 1on1 Football Skills in 5 Minutes! – Tutorial

Instructions Step 1 – Step with your right foot over the ball Step 2 – Go on your toes with the other foot, to lift up the ball When the ball passes your knee (right foot), you should lift up the ball over your opponent Step 3 – move your body 180° for lifting up […]

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (14) The most important step for backhand

Next question is how to make the large step like that remember, the backhand clear, the shuttle cock is over there height, length, speed all different, you must have your first step to adjust those differences which is side steps, shuttle been hit, some times you have to do one side step to see how […]

This Is Your Interactive Football Adventure | Your Call

Are you ready to step up? What a signing, the buzz around this kid is unbelievable, and I understand it. I saw that goal you scored, that was awesome! What does he do to make that step into the first team? Can he even do it? He’s got to get every decision spot on.

Badminton Basic Drills (11) – 2v1 Smash and Net 2 v 1 Smash and Net If there is no pausing step after smash and net this drill has no meaning please look this player’s step one after her smash 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 6 7 9 20 1 2 1 Lee Jae Bok

Badminton footwork-Lesson 14 All the wrong step one 4

Course 1. What is the “Step One” Lesson 14. All the Wrong “Step One” – 4 Another very common wrong step one. Doing step one too early. and following the opponent’s body actions. And then already going. Sometimes, the opponent did not do anything. Just hitting. But the player, that really worries about it and […]

Badminton footwork-Lesson 13 All the wrong step one 3

Course 1. What is the “Step One” Lesson 13. All the wrong “Step One” – 3 Another new wrong step one. 1. Go. 1. Not: Yes. I’ve been told to do the step one. Yeah. I did step one, now I go. This is completely the wrong way.

Badminton-Footwork Skill (16) Clear Step-Type 2 (Advanced)

When opponent hit attack clear and you are hitting back more aggressive shots then the step has to be changed, there will be more side steps, and there will be recovery steps after the shot. which will give you more pace, more speed to come back to the base and more ready immediately please focus […]