Badminton Footwork Practice (2) Advanced and Demanding Practice for the “Step One”

This one also good for practising the first step a little bit more demanding and advanced the person pointing has to point well in good time when he is in the air, this person should point go 1 yup 1 1 1 very good 1 1 1 one more 1 1 1 1 1 1 […]

Gaz M20 Pobeda (Old Russian car) #1

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! You probably have noticed there are often comments, asking about the Gaz M20 Long time ago we got an old car back running and we needed a sequel So.. We’re here today to collect it! Let’s see in what shape it is.. It didn’t get any better.. We have […]

How to Test Your Car’s Starter and Solenoid Assembly

hey what’s up there it is so first I’m going to show you can test your stormwater and so on I will you’ll need for this this is a fully charged 12 volt battery instead of jumper cables from alligator clips but if you don’t have alligator clip screwdriver will work as well alright so […]

VW A3: Signs of a bad Ignition Switch

1994 Golf GTI 2 liter ABA engine going to start it now…. of course now it works! Hehe Let me just see if I can get it to act up, basically it just gets to the point where it just cranks and cranks and cranks… here we go, cranking and cranking and all the indicator […]

Rotate Stuck or Seized Torque Converter and flywheel video

So I’m underneath a Jeep Grand Cherokee, it’s a ’95. The flywheel isn’t moving very smoothly so I’ve kind of rigged up a contraption to make the flywheel rotate. Hopefully this will help someone else out in the future. With the flywheel you have to get the torque converter bolts in. So I have one, […]

How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery

How to Push-Start a Car with a Dead Battery. Left your lights on at the mall again? Here’s how to get your car started without the use of jumper cables. You will need 1-2 friends and vehicle with a manual transmission. Step 1. Turn your ignition to the “on” position. Step 2. Press the clutch […]

How to Jump-Start Your Car

How to Jump-Start Your Car. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting into your car, turning the key, and—nothing. The good news is that a quick jump-start is just a jumper cable away. You will need Working car and jumper cables. Never attempt to jump-start a battery that is frozen, cracked, or damaged in any way. […]

How to change EZ GO Golf cart CLUTCH (Driven/secondary clutch)

took a little heat

Motorcycle and ATV Cylinder Hone Instructions – Flex-Hone

Hi, I’m Eric with Rocky Mountain ATV/ And today I’m going to show you how to hone a cylinder using a flex hone. We’re going to need a drill, a flex hone, a cleaning brush and flex hone oil. Rocky Mountain carries flex hones specific for your machine. The Flex Hone tool is perfect for […]