The story of KHC Rollball from Kilinochchi

Wheel balance is the first priority. This is a mix of three sports: basketball, netball, the wheel is important, and football. Keeping is an element from football. First when we practised it was definitely difficult but we tried it out and got used to it. Since we had an interest in it we gave it […]

How to Snowboard : Toeside Falling Leaf on a Snowboard

Once again, I’ve learned a little bit about how to stand on your toeside. You want to do a Toeside Falling Leaf. It’s the same thing as the Heelside Falling Leaf; you’re just facing up the hill. Remember, keep your weight over your toes or you’re going to catch a heel as you fall backwards. […]

I Played Golf At Kingsbarns In St Andrews Scotland

we made it to st. Andrews can’t believe it I am playing golf outside the United States for the very first time super pumped glad to bring y’all along we’re out here at Kingsbarns today we’re playing the back nine’ for this nine hole vlog out here at Kingsbarns just outside of st. Andrews Scotland […]

Parents Speak Out After Football Player Son’s Suicide: ‘It Was A Shock To Find He Had CTE’ | TODAY

What’s inside The Rose Bowl?

Where Extreme Sports Meets Archery!

That was sweet! That was great! Hey, how do you like Archery Tag? That is a *sick* game! Hahahaha! So how do you guys like Archery Tag? YEEEEEEAAAAH! It’s a heck of a time! It’s a little wet out here; does that bother ya? NOOOO! You think that makes it more fun? YEEAAAAH! Absolutely! Gimme […]

2012 Hyundai Veloster Rally Car Reveal | Rhys Millen Racing | Hyundai

(electric guitar music) (wind blows) (engine roars) (engine roars) (tires chirping on pavement) (engine roars) (tires squealing) (transmission shifting gears) (tires screeching to halt) (engine idling) (car accelerating rapidly) (transmission shifting through gears rapidly)

Snowboarding for Beginners : Weight Distribution in Beginning Snowboarding

Hi, I’m Kevin Byford with the Ski and Snowboard School of Aspen on behalf of Expert Village. Okay important thing, for your next toe side gong. We’ve started downhill; we want to make sure our weight is 50/50 on both feet. In order to do that our shoulders should be parallel to the pitch of […]