Badminton naboso | Badminton barefoot 18.12.2016

So today I’m gonna play badminton barefoot, again. I’m here with Andrej So it will be hardcore for me playing just in two but I’m excited. So I’m ready. Let’s play! Some impressive moments from the game 🙂 Zatiaľ je to pohodička. It’s still ok. So, I’m going back home My feet are little bit […]

Blind Cricket Part 1 – Metro Blind Sport

[Music] So the main adaptation is the ball so domestically we use a size three foot ball with ball bearings which makes it much easier to see and also to hear these stumps are larger and they’re freestanding they’re not dug into the ground somebody like myself with no vision is able to compete using […]

Sailen Manna & India’s Barefoot Football Team

We all know India as a cricket crazy nation but it’s very hard to believe that there was an Footballer by name of Sailen Manna who nearly took the country to 1950 FIFA World Cup only to be withdrawn at the last moment by the Indian football Governing body (AIFF). Sailendranth Manna also known as […]

Golf Scramble With GM Golf | Public Embarrassment For Losing Team

every now and then I can putt right what are your thoughts about Matt in general what’s up y’all hope y’all having a great day we’re out here at the Junior course again with the GM Golf crew everyone right here behind me we’re gonna do a little 2 man scramble teams it’s me and […]

Masuri TON Range — Cricket Bat Review 2019/20

Masuri TON range of cricket bats. Really exciting, this is brand new to the market, so— You’ve got Masuri, the famous helmet company that’s been designing and making some of the world’s leading helmets for years, they’ve teamed up with the biggest batmaker in India— Sareen Sports — the TON brand, to create a fantastic […]

9th February 1895: Volleyball invented by William G. Morgan

Hello, and welcome to HistoryPod. On 9 February 1895, volleyball was invented by William G. Morgan, the Director of Physical Education at the YMCA in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Morgan had attended the YMCA’s Springfield College where he had met James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. After graduating Morgan continued to work for the YMCA and soon […]

NFL Week 12 picks predictions NFL football season 2019

NFL Week 11 picks predictions NFL football season 2019 NFL week picks the end of NFL predictions weeks 11-17 Please help us get back the NFL picks woo by doing this for us Sunday pregame NFL show will come with this new Challenge Also pass some holiday cheer to all your family and friends woo […]

Pakistan All Stars vs World XI – International cricket returns to Pakistan

After an absence of three and a half years International cricket made a return to Pakistan on Saturday. Pakistan All Stars defeated an International World XI by 84 runs in a Twenty20. They set a target of 223 runs. The World XI made just 138 for eight off of their 20 overs. The World XI […]

Argentina scores Football perfection In Athens | The Olympics On The Record

Argentina was among the founding members of the International Olympic Committee, and sent a team to Paris in 1900, the second Olympic Games of the modern era. But it wasn’t until 1924 that Argentinian athletes first tasted Olympic Gold. That came in the sport of polo, long since dropped from the Olympic programme. Argentinians won […]


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