Tug of War with Lions 🦁 – Massage Heights – Scorpion Studios

We’re here at the San Antonio Zoo with Shane Evans her husband Wayne and their kids. Ah! We Did It! YA! Hey guys, you know what, I’ve got one last surprise for you. what’s this what is What’s this? What is this? I’ve got something really fun planned today. Tug of war with the Lions! […]

The future of children, technology, and privacy with Nikolas Badminton, Futurist Speaker

Thank you, David, thank you. You can all hear me OK, yes? Yeah? Three people can hear me. Great! OK. Perfect. Sorry, this. Right, so it’s fantastic to be down here at Google and Googleplex. Thank you, David and the 3Q team, been working with Kristen and the team, and they’ve putting together some really […]


Oh, we picked the perfect time to walk out My name is Alex. I am a junior marketing major from Charleston West Virginia. I am what people would call a content creator, I make a lot of videos, photos, media. Today, I’m gonna show you what WVU”s like for me. Wow dude, this is insane! […]

Why A Festival For Social Media Stars Is A Bad Idea – Tween Fest Episode 1

– Tween Fest! – Tween Fest! – Twe-Twe-Tween – Fest! – Tween Fest! – Ssssss – What? Yeah! (mutters) Hey guys! It’s me, Austin Aaron Joshua. – Yo, I’m Justin Taylor Tyler. – Hey guys, it’s Dustin Dustin Nathan. – I’m Justin Taylor-Tyler-Impersonator Jason Tyler Justin-Austin. And I’m stoked AF to be performing at Tween […]


♪♪♪♪>>Thank you, Golf Gods, for having us out.>>Ow!>>Have fun out there. Scramble format. It’s gonna be a great day.>>Oh, we got the mike. Oh, man. ♪♪♪♪>>I’ve known Golf Gods for about five or six years, when we both started on social media, and we’ve become friends. They live in Australia. I live out in L.A., […]