Entry Paths For Spinning On A Snowboard

When spinning you always want to pop from jumps using an edge. Your edge will give you the grip you need to push off to initiate a spin. If you try to start a spin from a flat base you’ll notice the board just wants to slide across the snow, putting you in a potential […]

Balanced Position On A Snowboard

Your snowboard is what you balance over, it’s your base of support so you want to try and keep the majority of your weight stacked over your board to maintain balance. With your front foot strapped in, stand with your free foot on the board next to your back binding. A good place to start […]

How To Tail Butter Frontside 180

For a Tail Butter Frontside 180 you have to be proficient with Ollie’s, Nollies, holding the Tail Butter position and doing counter-rotated Frontside 180’s. A counter-rotated 180 is where your upper and lower body twist against each other to make the spin happen. Simulate the trick with your board off first. Nollie, hold the tail […]

How To Boardslide Street Style Features On A Snowboard

As you get better at jibbing you’re gonna start to hit more street style features which require you to approach from either the Frontside or the Backside. Our Balance Bar top piece is perfect for simulating this. It gives you the feeling of what it’s like to move your body over top of a feature […]

How To Tail Slide 270 Out On A Snowboard

Tail Slide 270. A Tail Slide 270 is a very common buttering trick that is fun, looks awesome and builds your skills for more advanced jib tricks. The key warm-up trick is a Frontside Tail Butter coming out switch, which we’ve covered in the Basics Of Buttering series. For the Tail Slide 270, we’re basically […]

How To Tame Dog (Front Flip) On A Snowboard (Regular)

This is SnowboardAddiction.com riding with Nev Lapwood, Jesse Millen and the Junkie. This video exposes the techniques behind tame-dogs which are cart-wheel styled frontflips. Tamedogs are a good intro to getting inverted. It’s normal to be hesitant on the whole upside down concept however they tend to be less intimidating then backflips. It’s also a […]

Ideal Turns & Filming On A Snowboard

The improve your riding tutorials are all related to body position. If you can get your body position correct, you’ll snowboard way better! You’re gonna feel more comfortable riding at speed, jumping and hitting all types of features. Ideal intermediate turns on a snowboard should look like this. Each turn has a smooth, consistent radius […]

How To Frontside 540 On A Snowboard

A frontside 540 is done by completing a front three with enough time left in the air to add an extra 180. The last part of this trick feels like a frontside 180. So practice your front 3’s and front ones, until you’re confident enough to combine them. Approach with a toe edge set up […]

How To Barrel Roll Backflip On A Snowboard

Barrel Roll Backflips are gonna feel the most natural on a trampoline. No angles for takeoff and landing make this the easiest way to start learning, so if you’re just getting into inverts on your training board this is a good place to start. Stand facing forward as you would normally on a trampoline. This […]

How To Boardslide To Fakie On A Snowboard

In the last tutorial we did a Boardslide coming back out forwards and discovered that that trick used counter rotation. With the upper body and lower body twisted against each other to make the trick happen. There’s another way of doing a Boardslide which is to come out Fakie or to come out switch, Boardslide […]