PERFLY | Badminton Explications : Comment faire un smash au badminton

The smash with the involvement of our technical partners Ygor Coelho and Gregor Dunikowski. The smash is an attack, it is the most powerful stroke in badminton. It is used to create a gap or to run through the defence. It can be cross-court or straight and is mainly used with the forehand. 2 types […]

Badminton Basic Drills (11) – 2v1 Smash and Net 2 v 1 Smash and Net If there is no pausing step after smash and net this drill has no meaning please look this player’s step one after her smash 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 20 1 2 3 6 7 9 20 1 2 1 Lee Jae Bok

How to Smash? | Badminton School Hindi

Smash is an offensive stroke The smash is hit downward from the back court as shown This video will cover these three topics Holding the racket correctly is a prerequisite for this video Your arm should go back as shown This is the wrong way to pull the arm back This is the correct way […]

Smash feeding – High feeding – Badminton

Let’s move on to the multi feeding up from the high places the high positions. This is more tricky because now we are in the attacking position and this exercise could be used for the defense training in the singles and also in the doubles. It can also be used for the defense training in […]

What If Lee Chong Wei never plays badminton at the beginning

Such a beautiful weather Lee Chong Wei passed by badminton court LCW Come i can predict your future I dont belive in such things if you think that its useful then take it leave it if you think its bullshit Alright lets have a try 10 bucks you have potential to become world champion Looking […]

SMASH harder in Badminton – Tips & Exercises to increase your muscle power

Let me show you how to add some extra power in your smashes and how to be stronger in your muscles in the arm the shoulder. And also how to get a more explosive swing when you do the full power smash. Let me show you how you can add some extra power in your […]

Badminton-How to return flick service best possible way

ok, because you don’t know whether he is doing short or flick you have to look, lets see, hand above and show your aggression here, ok not like like this you already lost, ok challenging ya even if you lose 5-20 does not matter go for the shot ready the first one is 1 ok, […]