Young football talent – Felix Knörle (DFI U15) – 14 years old | HD

Felix is a player with a really strong technique. The way he kicks the ball is just brilliant and by practicing patterns until they become second nature he has once again improved his technique from good toward very good. That is really a strength, I have to say. He’s got what it takes to be […]

TOP 5 Neymar football skills

What is up guys, pwg here and today we’re going to teach you guys our top 5 Neymar in match skill moves. Normally I would do the teaching but I got struck with the man flu, so we decided to bring the camera man with a great tekkers the obnoxious attitude and the floppy hair […]

TOP 3 – Easy Football Skills for Kids & Beginner (Winger) – Tutorial

150 + Trucos de Fútbol (Tutoriales Paso a Paso) – Football Tricks Online

Hello, i am Guido from Football Tricks Online and i will teach you the following trick! These tricks are explained step by step in our channel

5 Football Skills You Can Use in a Match

Today we’re gonna teach You five cool football Skills that you can do in a Match and although Yes i know you can’t teach Brilliance It has to come to you in the moment well if you do Learn These five Skills You’ve Got some Pretty cool stuff to Draw upon in a Match and […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-7(Homework) Follow Lee – Lesson 1-7 The Net Kill (The homework) I am giving you the training program from today for the next 6 days 1 day rest so I expect you to do it and do it more least everything but not less when you practice this one I would like you to have […]

Badminton-Backhand Clear (16) The Best Way to Practice Backhand Clear, Step by Step

Now, how to practice step by step ok, first one caught the wrist tapping has to be done so, you caught the wrist like this, no like that like that, face straight, no like that this is difficult lets say you want to learn backhand clear fresh ok, side by side caught like this, so […]


How Football Helped Me Escape Child Marriage | Chanda Kumari

My name is Chanda Kumari. I am 14 years old. And from Hutup, a village in Jharkhand I want to talk about how I am making my life special. And that too, I am living in a village where many other girls can not. Girls in the village work in the village and hang around. […]

Top 3 ★ Amazing Football Skills To Learn – Tutorial

Today we are going to teach you some skills that can be easily performed during match 1. Place your supporting foot on the ball line like you do when you are going to pass 2. Roll the ball forward with your forefoot 3. Stop the ball with your outstep 4. Roll the ball in any […]