These 3 football skills will shock your team mates | LEARN THEM

In my opinion I think it is the daily dedication, see a lot of videos and train a lot. Dedicate your self as a professional Either in a club or not, but you have to demand a lot from yourself to be the best. And learn from the trainers In my opinion it is the […]

7 Year Old Wonderkid Showing Amazing Football Skills for Kids

Primitive Life : Produce bows and arrows archery training and catching fish.

Ở đây có rất nhiều xác cá chết khô help me ! help me !

Primitive Life : Produce bows and arrows archery , Archery skills, Hunting fish to sustain survival

Here are a lot of fish dying from the sea It does not seem to take a shadow Help me Help me There are ships going back and forth but they can not hear me calling A rope? I know what to do with it I’m looking for a stick that’s long enough Here Tie […]