– Looks like that one. – [RCSparks] There they are. All done, boys, welcome back. (men cheering) (Kevin whoops) Hey, Mikal, good to see ya, buddy! Do I see Jim? What’s up, Kev? – Not much. – [RCSparks] Not much, smooth as ever, man. (laughs) Here they are. Sluicebox, Rookie and Joe last time, were […]

American Football – “I’ve Been So Lost For So Long” (Official Music Video)

(“I’ve Been So Lost For So Long” by American Football) ♫ I’ve been so lost ♫ For so long ♫ Every street’s a dead end ♫ Every sign points behind me ♫ If you need me, don’t ♫ You can’t trust a man who can’t find his way home ♫ My impaired intuition is telling […]

If Professional Football Were Honest – Honest Ads (NFL, Cheerleaders, Concussions)

(beeping) – Hi, I’m Roger, and I’m here to tell you about the National Pointsball League. It’s a company I made that stages live boy games. It’s also a giant public slaughterhouse fueled by human lives. Pointsball is the world’s favorite sport in just America. It’s played by people of all ages and one gender. […]

Batman vs Black Panther? SuperHero Kids Comics

– I’m going to make a yellow belt. And stripes on Batman’s cape, it’s going to look so cool. – Hey Hope! What cha doing? – I’m coloring this Batman photo with only three markers. It could be really easy, because all you need is only one color. – Hey hope, check out my mask […]

Backyard Cricket – Ripper Aussie Summer Ep02

(Uncle Jim laughing real creepy) G’day kids, are you lot playin’ some Backyard Crik’! (kids in unison) Hi Uncle Jim Aw, you scallywags Mind if ol’ Uncle Jim has a go? Promise I won’t go too hard on ya Alright, off you pop Okay (creepy laughter) Here we go, alright, heh heh (banging noise) oh […]

Badminton World Championship – 2017

scared of nothin determination Game on it’s a 2017 badminton championship brought to you by your local gas stations two-for-one deal on sour gummy worms. 16 teams comprised of elite shuttle cockers duking it out in single elimination tournament these are top tier athletes one team was seen coming in as the favorite they caught […]

The Truth About Football

– It’s been called the greatest rivalry in all of sports. Two of the most legendary teams in college football, Ohio State and Michigan, known simply as, The Game. (intense music) Welcome to College Game Day, I’m Dandy Dip, with me as always is Chuck Puber. Chuck, what can we expect to see this afternoon? […]

AIB : Honest Cricket Fans

Fuck! This toss is fixed! Whenever there’s a toss happening, theres always a gust of wind, Wind is fixed. Probability is fixed. Look, what did he say first? Heads. And what came next? Tell me? Heads! They’ve paid money, to bribe money. See! It’s fixed. Everything fixed hai. But even then, I will watch every […]