Badminton-Return of High Service in Singles

Return of High Service Singles In returning long high service in singles the most important thing here is get behind the shuttle as soon as possible so the player can make deception powerful shot and better accuracy and further more if this player go behind the shuttle very quickly, which means they are holding shuttle […]

Badminton Smash Skill (6) How to Add Extra Power (Fully Stop and Restart)

Next point is how to gain extra power 5%-10% in same way, you have to completely stop and then restart. ok, if you do your smash nothing changes but change the stop and then hit 5%-10% harder, watch this ok, this is right way what I mean, little bit high please when I set, I […]

Badminton Smash Skill (7) Right Footwork Skill Makes Smash Much More Powerful Smash

Next point is how to add extra power to your smash by using your movement skill ok now, there are 3 steps before you smash one – to see where the shuttle goes two – is left hand foot so look one – where, shuttle goes there then, this one goes to there shuttle goes […]

Badminton Footwork Practice (3) How to move from forehand net corner to other corners in Singles

Now forehand net step, five step practice 1 2 3 4 5 go 1 2 3 4 5 ok now, after this one backhand ok five step becomes number 1 step again go 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 go 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 ok, now after net play, […]

Badminton-Footwork Skill (5) Steps to the net in Singles

If I do net play drop, then there will be recovery steps. it can be 4, can be 5 forehand look – 1 2 3 4 5 or if shuttle comes closer 1 2 3 4 because its net play, I have more time, opponent have more time so, I have to make more steps […]

Badminton Footwork Practice (1) How to Master the Most Important Badminton Step “STEP ONE”

This is good practice to learn the first step one the starting step, this is good practice for the player aware of the importance of step one the starting step the person who is doing it must say 1, when he is doing the step one ok, so James, so you move when I told […]

Badminton Smash Skill (4) The Best Way to Lose Power and Accuracy in Smash (Type 2)

Next point is elbow two, the elbow has to be tight tight, tight, why because its tight it opens when it opens it creates power ok, tight ok tight, so racket is say close to my body here, move this side watch close here, tight set bang set set, so it opens same, many players […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-7(Homework) Follow Lee – Lesson 1-7 The Net Kill (The homework) I am giving you the training program from today for the next 6 days 1 day rest so I expect you to do it and do it more least everything but not less when you practice this one I would like you to have […]

Badminton Smash Skill (1) How to Grip the Raquet

Ok, first point is grip, this is neutral grip this is not backhand not forhanded this is ready player has to have this grip when they are waiting opponent shots because I don’t know where shuttle is coming now, for smash I believe this grip has to be changed to about 10 degree forehand side […]