Badminton-Play To Win 11: Backhand Clear

Rear court play – Backhand Clear Backhand important thing to remember is do make side step first, that’s first thing don’t worry about the action that’s the second part because in badminton we need the right timing look ready, when you see the shuttle don’t move first watch shuttle and adjust the angle, change the […]

Poor Badminton Player’s Behaviour (12) Angry at shuttlecocks

Poor badminton Players Behaviour 12. Angry at the shuttlecock I see these kind of players from club level but more national and international level for example they play a match he is ready, the opponent made such a good drop shot over there so he could not get to the shuttle cock because he could […]

Badminton Smash (Question 5)

Question 5 True or False? A longer swing and turning body actions will increase the power of your smash. Question 5 in my view the answer is false, the reason when shuttle is coming from that side to this way and I am hitting back to the other side it can be hit best way […]

Deception spin curve shot in the backhand, badminton

This is a really neat trick. It’s the deception shot in the frontcourt. It´s in my backhand side close to the net. Usually used in the single, but can also be used in the doubles. What I’m gonna do here is that I want to trick my opponent thinking that I am doing a long […]

Deception Lift Forehand+BONUS Double Shot, Badminton

So the purpose of this shot is to show a net shot but actually I’m lifting. As I’m lunging I want to show that I’m hitting the shuttle. But just before I hit the shuttle, I pull back and I use my forearm and my fingers. To generate the power. So I’m lifting instead of […]

Badminton: Backhand Clear all in one

I would like to show you from start to finish of the backhand clear when you are ready ready shuttle been hit your racket follow the shuttle cock while you are doing it you have to make steps depending on how high if shuttle is high and deep you do more steps if shuttle goes […]

Badminton: Follow Lee (2) The Net Kill 2-3 (How to Hit) Follow Lee – Lesson 1 – 3 The Net Kill (How to hit) How to hit there are 3 types in net kill number 1 with bigger swing when shuttle is bit heigh definitely finish it number 2 when shuttle is reasonably heigh I cannot make big swing because its quite tight we have […]

Badminton-Manner is Important (Part 2)

Etiquette 2 there are many players when opponent made good shot when this player made mistake and this player becomes angry and pass the shuttle to opponent like this or pass the shuttle like this that shows how small minded this player is it does not matter whether I was not ready or I made […]

How to Do a Jump Smash Shot | Badminton Lessons

I’d like to discuss briefly the jump smash, which is a little bit more advanced and requires a lot of timing. And as the term suggests, you’re going to jump and smash at the same time. The shot is identical to a regular smash except you’re in the air while you’re actually hitting the shuttle. […]

DECEPTION reverse CUT – Badminton Famly

I’m gonna show you a cross court deception shot from my around the head side in the baseline. I’m gonna show my opponent that I am I’m doing a straight shot like a smash or clear and just before hitting the shuttle I do the rotation and the deception. So now we’re gonna we’re gonna […]