Badminton-Where should I smash in doubles (1)

When you attack it’s better to smash straight straight corner rather than smash cross because easy smash cross, you are opening your court ok let me see ready, like that so shuttle is over there, face there now Tim smash to my cross smash, ok try to intercept move forward ok, ready yup, I will […]

Can the NFL work in London? American Football in England?!

Ninh explains: Can the NFL work in London There’s been a lot of talk recently with the NFL moving an American Football team to London, England?! After several years of highly successful games being staged at Wembley Stadium (and yes, I was there) there’s many debates as to whether a team will move to London […]

Badminton-Where should I smash in doubles (2)

Here, when you smash from there to me you can smash here – here and here say in pressure that is the best, then I have to do that or that, its difficult when shuttle is coming here which side I hit him to go to him – crosser ya, now smash this corner please […]

Sh*t I Never Knew: Bedline All The Things

– Hey guys, Shawn! With Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We have a shoot I never knew. People have been asking, I keep scorpion lining my vehicles. People have started commenting on, they’re wanting to know more about it. This isn’t our typical wheelhouse, see what I did there, Fuller? But, I […]