VW Golf Extreme makeover: RollGolf 2.0 #2

Hey folks, great you’re watching again! I’m Milo And here we have a cut in half VW Golf Last time you’ve seen we took the midsection out of it and today I’m going to weld it back together again But without that midsection of course! You know what a funny detail is? It still runs […]

Kanika, A Short Film feat Nidhi Bisht | Girliyapa Ciné

The day after he met me, he’d said “I love you” We take the same bus every evening… Bus no. 107 He knows I sit by the window, and pretending to look at the sea, he glances at me He has penned my name behind the seat; I start giggling whenever someone enquires, who ‘Kanika’ […]

How to Play: Pickleball

Smallest real VW Golf in the world! RollGolf 2.0 #3

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again We’ve shortened the back.. But… it doesn’t match the front anymore I think we should shorten the front as well Like this This is what I mean; a lot of air We don’t need that The cleans up nice Most of these parts I won’t use anymore That’s a […]

A Life Lesson from Cricket by Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshbhai

Just imagine that you have a competitor. Who wishes that you don’t succeed at any cost. He has an entire team. And he purposefully comes out in public, right in front of you and acts against you. How would you feel? But a cricketer does not. One batsman walks in the midst of 11 opponents, […]

Simply Play Cricket | Award Winning Short Film | Directed by Sai Chillara

This… is your war… Your war… is against me… There are no people and no blood… The battlefield is in your head… Years have passed…since you vanquished me from your thoughts… yet the moment I come into your sight… you begin to have sleepless nights… Sometimes… you want to surrender… You want to lose to […]

Badminton-The most important positioning in doubles after low or flick service

ok, come ok now positioning, ok when you do low service, when you do flick service how you change your position ok now James, there I am ready to serve ya, there if I serve it short then I stand there and then you can do that ok, I am ready so James your timing […]

Going to a Cricket Match in the 1930s

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How To Replace / Rebuild Your Brake Master Cylinder

I have dismantled the cylinder Ive cleaned it all up you can take that out as well the inside is cleaned out now all the dirt has been removed we have also taken out the pistons there is a cir clip in there remove the cir clip and remove the whole lot from the end […]