Four things about archery they get wrong in the movies

Bows! Yes, I was going to say a bit more about bows and how they are portrayed in films. Here are a few things they get wrong about bows in films. Thing number 1: they use the word “Fire!” In several films I’ve come across this, I know for certain that Aragorn shouts “Fire!” in […]

The first Olympic test event to include a mixed team event | Archery News

Commentator: Jeon InaCommentator: Kim WoojinI think I have gained a lot of experience at this test event in preparation for the Olympics in Tokyo next year from a lot of perspectives like the venue and the environment This will be a big help to the Korean team next year especially in the mixed team which […]

Archery 101 -Intro to Archery

[arrow shot sound] Yes…there we go This is a bow and this is an arrow Bows have been around before recorded history and were originally made in Africa I have a compound bow A beginner bow that when you pull it back It holds easily now I’m going to show you how to put the […]

Crap archery in Helen of Troy

Now to watch some really abysmal archery How did he miss from there! He missed to the right, you notice, where he hit that big sack, but never mind, he gets another go and.. now wait a minute! That is quite clearly just a bit of paper or something glued to one side of the […]

Archery for Beginners : How to Find an Archery Instructor

Well for looking for an archery instructor, you want to make sure the instructor is a Level One Archery Coach. You can find those coaches through the National Archery Association website. They’ll give you a list of coaches in your area, a list of shops where you can take safety tests at and purchase equipment […]

Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery.

The Danish archers lives Andersen has rediscovered an old very fast way to shoot those in 60,000 years man has shot with bows [and] arrows All known cultures have used archery as a weapon and there were many master archers and many different ways to shoot bows But then came gunpowder weapons, and then disappeared […]

How to shoot a recurve bow | Archery 360

This is how to shoot an olympic recurve bow Archery is a sport best practiced in controlled conditions Please see your local archery club for a place to shoot safely first our archer will be stepping to the shooting line She puts one foot on either side of the shooting line She’ll also attach her […]

Archery Equipment Beginners Guide : Using Hot Melt to Repair Your Bow & Arrows

Hello! My name is Harold Hall, Ft. Lauderdale Archers in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and today we are going to talk about some of the supplies, and equipment that you would use for archery. On behalf of Expert Village I would like to welcome you. Another piece of equipment is what’s called hot melt this is […]