The Rules of Archery – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the Rules of Archery The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent. Archery, sometimes referred to as ‘Olympic’ or ‘Target Archery’ is a sport where you use a bow, to shoot arrows into a target. The main two competition bows are a recurve bow, where the arms of […]

Pakistan set final date with Australia| T20 ranking 2018

Pakistan set final date with Australia| T20 ranking 2018

SSC Lady Bulldog Volleyball vs Triton Trojans

Hey It’s Noah, your host of ‘Home Game Heroes’. The Lady Bulldog Volleyball team improved their record to 3 and 3 on the season with a 3 sets to 1 victory over Triton on Tuesday night. Early on in set one the Trojans took advantage of SSC’s unforced errors to take a 16-9 lead. A […]

Volleyball. Training Video. How to spike a volleyball. Part 1.

Hello, with you Vereshagin volleyball player Today we will consider the attacking blow The attacking blow is difficult technical element Therefore we will segment our training And we’ll start with making a lightweight version Gradually complicating Today we study – running start Running start, its main task to jump out up as it is possible […]

Volleyball. Training Video. Overhead Pass

Hello, it’s Vereshagin volleyball player with you I love playing volleyball, I’m happy to share the volleyball technique with you In this video I will tell you about overhead pass how to make it right First of all. All pass in volleyball begins with the initial standing. So before we begin to perform the overhead […]

Badminton-Backhand Clear Skill (12) Do not make circle swing and fancy shot

Next point is do not make circle swing make a straight back and forward swing this is what I mean set – back and forward set – back – forward like a boxer, set back bang not, set like this nor set like this loose power like this set – back – forward many players […]

How to Play Volleyball : How to Jump Serve a Volleyball

Hey, my name is Addison from Captain Bill’s, and I’m going to teach you, how to jump serve a volleyball. Jump serving is a very effective type of serve, it’s mainly used for power purposes, and it can be very effective when used against an opponent who may be a little slower. You can try […]

MC Volleyball v Potomac State Region XX Tournament Highlights

in the quarterfinals of the NJCAA d2 region 20 volleyball championship tournament the 3rd seeded MC Raptors faced have succeeded Potomac State Catamounts and right from the opening serve it was clear the Raptors had come to play Danijela Sajak without big kill for the matches first point then her line me Anya kept Renova […]

The Rules of Beach Volleyball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Beach Volleyball. The object of the game is for your team to win two sets faster than the opposing team teams, and teams are made up of 2 players. To win a set, you must score 21 points and be at least two points ahead. If the scores are 21-20 […]

How to Play Volleyball : How to Fix Your Bump Shot in Volleyball

Hey my name is Addison from Captain Bills and I’m going to teach you how to fix your bump shot in volleyball. Bump shot is used on mainly on the third hit when you have to hit it over the net. A couple of things you want to remember is to make sure that your […]