Welcome Back to VJSystemPresents, I’m LeoRocker Today we’re going to do OFFRoad Race Number 4 you can see I have the same car It’s Mitsubishi with red electric color let’s see in the map where is the place It’s here and this time I will take the fast travel I approach Subscribers to say thank […]

Sketchy Alaskan Mini Golf Course!

– Good morning from beautiful Fairbanks, Alaska. Hear those trees swaying in the wind? (trees rustling) Today is gonna be a fun day. I hope that you have been enjoying all of the videos from here in Alaska. We’ve had a blast so far. Yesterday on the floatplane was awesome, and we’ve got a bunch […]

Cricket Crashes | State Farm® Commercial

[THEME SOUND] A cricket crash. What happened? First cricket season away from home. That’s tough. [SOMBER MUSIC PLAYING] Every day, I see huge crowds high-fiving every dunk, every home run, but the one time I see the fans I want to see. [CRASHING] I get stopped. I understand. Let’s file a claim so you can […]

Badminton Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (3) Take it in front of your body

Forehand Net Deceptive Flick (3) take it in front of your body Next element for this one is be able to take shuttlecock in front of your body this is crucially important Now shuttle is there watch my legs you should move look there and there so I see shuttle cock I see this corner […]

Volleyball Tip of the Week #10

hey guys this is LP for your jump volleyball training tip of the week this week we’re going to talk about surf and we’re gonna see how having a low toss on your standing float serve can help you have more control over your serve to see that we’re gonna watch the next couple of […]

Torsion spring lift – build a buggy in your backyard

Hey folks! Great you’re watching again Last time you’ve seen I’ve shortened the buggy Today I will focus on the rear side A lot improvements can be done This is too low By accident it is a beetle rear axle with torsion springs If I’m correct it can be easy raised Let’s see if that’s […]

Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt -Attempting to use Capacitive Charger Part 7 of 10

overall the sulfation as you saw my other videos i had my name is Megatron deep-cycle batteries from our forklift which that diesel patient that other Megatron was successful and I did get a number of months additional use out of that battery however it has now undergone I guess you could say past the […]

Golf Course Etiquette: Manners for On & Off the Green : Etiquette for Driving a Golf Cart

Hi, I am Kinsey Snyder on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip, we are going to talk about golf course etiquette on the fairway. Usually, you will encounter three specific rules: one is cart path only after heavy rain, you will see this with cart paths all the way around on the golf course, […]