Fallonventions: Stealth Hoodie, Bow Bank, Door Pong

-Now, I love inventions, and I’m okay with kids. So we found some of the best and brightest kids out there. I think you’re going to be amazed at what we came up with. Let’s meet our first inventor. Come on over here. Haven. Hey. There he is. Hey, buddy. How are you? Haven, how […]

Road Vs Gravel Bike – Is A Gravel Bike Really Any Slower? | GCN Does Science

– Gravel bike, cyclo-cross bike, whatever you want to call them, they’re the workhorses of the cycling world. And for that very reason, more and more people are, quite rightly, buying them. – Yeah, as an alternative to a road bike. Or perhaps as a second bike. One you use in the winter or as […]

The Archer’s Paradox in SLOW MOTION – Smarter Every Day 136

Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. So in one of the last episodes, I introduced you to a legend with a longbow. He’s from my hometown and his name is Byron Ferguson. He shot an aspirin out of the air in slow-motion. But there’s something that happened in the arrow I […]

Science of the Winter Olympics – Snowboarding

♪music♪ LESTER HOLT, Anchor: The stakes are high for the snowboarders in Vancouver, as they try to master new tricks to unseat the star of Torino, American Shaun White. But to get “max air” off the half-pipe without losing their balance, they might want to check out this experiment that Paul Doherty, a physicist funded […]

WORLD’S MOST AMAZING ARCHER in Slow Motion – Smarter Every Day 130

Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to Smarter Every Day. I know when you think about archery you think about Nottingham, and one guy in particular, Robin Hood. But I’m gonna tell you about a guy today in my home town that might even be better than Robin Hood. You’re getting Smarter Every Day. (someone […]

Rotational Tug of War – Part B – Angular Motion Level 5

Once again we have a rod of length L pivoted in its centre with forces acting along its length perpendicular to the rod. F_1 and F_2 act at either end of the rod and F_3 acts halfway between F_1’s end and the pivot. We just need the rotational equivalent of Newton’s second law, tau=I*alpha, where […]

Tesla Cybertruck vs Ford: Bring it on- Elon |why Cybertruck windows smashed? Unbelievable pre-orders

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was left stunned when he unveiled the firm’s Cybertruck last week after the armored glass windows broke in a demonstration. Despite the disastrous launch, Musk has revealed the firm sold ‘200k’ of the futuristic vehicles in a tweet. The billionaire also shared a video of the truck taking part in a […]

Rotational Tug of War – Part A – Angular Motion Level 5

In this question we have a long rod of length L pivoted in its centre with forces applied to each end, directed perpendicularly to the rod. All we really need for this question is the angular equivalent of Newton’s second law, tau=I*alpha, where tau is the total torque, I is the moment of inertia and […]


Tug o’War – Statics Level 1

In this question we are asked about a tug of war competition between two schools: St Benedict’s and St Arthur’s. By considering the forces on the rope we can write down an equation in terms of x, y, A and B. Since neither team is winning in this competition we know that the rope must […]