Cricket Practice Tips – How to Practice Cricket


*crowd noise* Thanks man *music* *alarm noise* Hey everyone! My name is Tyler Redding and I’m a senior Social Work major from Blandon, Pennsylvania and I’m the Associate Director of the Mountaineer Maniacs here on the campus of West Virginia University. *music* It’s just after 6:30 in the morning and I am currently walking over […]

Inside Amy Schumer – Football Town Nights

♪♪ (morning announcer) It’s Monday and that means the big game against Galveston is just a few days away. We’re praying that new guy, Coach Thompson, is getting our Bronconeers ready for combat. You the new football coach down at the high school? Yes, sir. Coach Thompson. This is my wife, Amy. Hey, y’all. Coach […]

Man Overcomes Homophobia In Locker Room, Then Thrives In Gay Volleyball League.

I’m Jesse Anderson. I’m from Asheville, North Carolina. I’ve always been very active. I’ve loved playing soccer and I’ve played all my life. All through middle, high school – middle school, high school and college, I heard homophobic slurs. During middle school, we were in the locker room. It was after a game. One of […]