The Story of Football in San Marino: It’s NOT always about Money or Glory

A video about football in San Marino, one of the worst national teams in the world, really? Yes, really! I’m Tony Tracksuit and welcome to tracksuit TV! Today we are going to talk about football in one of the smallest countries of the planet, the proud nation of San Marino. La Serenissima played its first […]

Foothill HS Girls Varsity Volleyball 2018 vs. Monte Vista HS – 10.02.2018

Game #15 (E.B.A.L.) – Foothill HS vs. San Monte Vista HS – 10.02.2018 (Switch to 1080p60 settings for best quality)

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Ryan Zips Through Destinations With Golf Carts | Behind The Scenes | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest: This morning, I woke up and the hotel room was so dark in San Francisco Ryan: That I could not find the phone, because I thought I was in my own bedroom Ryan: I was so asleep that I thought I was in my own bedroom I was like, who moved my Ryan: […]

Electric Cars Light Up New Owners, But Could Stress Power Grid

Joe DeCamp pulls his new electric car into his Carlsbad garage and he’s basically pulling into a filling station. Inside the garage, on the wall is a new EV charging unit.  The device resembles a gas pump.  The main box is connected to a long thick black hose.  The curved nozzle that plugs into the […]