World Number 1 Badminton Player Lee Chong Wei ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (Eng Sub)

Im hereby to accept their challenge Ok, seems so many people challenge me, I am do it now They said 24hours, but when I reach Denmark for the badminton tournaments its already late But never mind, I still doing it Of course I will challenge three people later First one, Malaysia Defend Minister Dato Hishamuddin […]

Óscar Ortega | Atlético’s Elite Fitness Coach

Behind every elite sporting success is a snarling trainer with a whip. In the case of Atlético Madrid, they have Óscar Ortega, known as ‘El Profe’, ‘The Professor’. He is a short, 60-year-old Uruguayan and he has been vital to all of the club’s successes since Diego Simeone took over as head coach. In the […]

Anatomy of A Rugby Player: How Strong Is Olympic Medallist Tom Mitchel?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian… Now we’re working, come on! – ..testing, analysing… – Dig deep, come on! ..going behind the stats of an elite athlete as we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A RUGBY PLAYER) The physical […]

The Science Behind Gunn & Moore’s Cricket Bat Sweet Spots

Hi. My name’s Charlie Carter, and I’m the Assistant Manager here at Kingsgrove Sports Westside in North Parramatta. I’m going to talk to you today about the Gunn & Moore range of bats that we’ve got for 2017-18, and about the slight nuances and differences between the three designs that I’ve picked out here today. […]

3 Reasons Why the BRAND NEW Gray-Nicolls Atomic is Incredible – Cricket Bat Reviews

Stuart. Hamish. This is what we’ve been waiting for, mate. New stock from Gray-Nicolls. Have a look at it. It’s the Gray-Nicolls Atomic, and a magnificent bat as you can see, the grain on it is top notch. That doesn’t necessarily make a bat, but you can always guarantee that you’re getting a high quality […]

The History of Football (Soccer) in 90 Seconds | Greece to the World Cup | Laughing Historically

The History of Football in 90 seconds… that’s soccer for us Americans! The ancient greeks played a game called Episkyros, which the Romans would steal (much like they did everything) and call Harpustum. When they invade Britain, the Romans bring their game with them. In its Earliest form, football was mob-like and much more violent. […]