How to Hit Volleyball Harder and Improve Arm Swing – Leg Action Training at Club Practice

watch as this high level volleyball player straightens her non hitting leg which blocks her hip torso and body rotation reducing arm speed and placing greater stress on her hitting shoulder now watch as she learned in about 20 minutes how to use her legs to trigger the rotation of her hips shoulders and arm […]

The Best Golf Swing Rotation Drill!

they’re so good had to get a second one today we’re talking about golf swing rotation how do we get the rotation we need to produce the results we want let’s do it right now oh if you haven’t yet subscribed to the channel hit the subscribe button and the building notification so you don’t […]

Is Your Hand Position Hurting Your Golf Game?

what’s up you like my new hat if you know what if you know what it’s from comment below let me know but this video is for the guy who sent me this let’s go alright so my man Marcus from Austria I believe sent me this hat for his golf group just Friday love […]

How to STICK SMASH Cross Court Around the Head, Badminton

in this video we’re gonna talk about the cross stick smash in around the head corner and I am gonna talk about the four key points to this job. The first key point which is also the main key point to this shot is the use of the forearm rotation. We want the swing to […]

Top 3 Ways People Cheat in Golf!

in this video today I’m gonna talk about three ways your friends know or people you play golf with might just be taking advantage of you let’s do it okay the first way is having to do with how you mark your ball now you know you seen guys do this mark the ball and […]


In this video we’re gonna talk about the double defense. The double defense is extremely difficult to master so you have to really really focused on all the small details. We will go through five key elements in the double defense. In this video I will show you my final view on how to do […]

The Best Golf Chipping Tips! Mr. Short Game!

okay in this video today I’m gonna go over my keys for shipping to be a great chipper of the golf ball which is really really easy if you know the right things to focus on so let’s do it right now I’ve been bummed it’s been raining super hard here living in a Los […]

Volleyball Explained: Setter in Rotation 1

Increase POWER in the HIGH BACKHAND, Badminton Tutorial

in this video we’re gonna talk about the high backhand clear and this might be the most difficult shot to master except the backhand smash and we’re gonna talk about four key points to executing this shot to perfection so the first key point and maybe one of the main key points is to use […]