How Hard Can You Hit a Golf Ball? (at 100,000 FPS) – Smarter Every Day 216

– Three, two, one. Oh, wow, that was loud! – That was way louder than I thought. – Hey, it’s me, Destin. Welcome back to Smarter Every Day. Today’s question is fascinating. How hard can you hit a golf ball? That seems like a really simple question, but it’s very complex. For example, think about […]

How we made ACD Season 2, Pt. 1

Pretty Now I know why he wanted me to join him this time so he could just not show up Did he know were friends? We don’t need him. Yeah, he’s alright shot unless he’s just like I already shot it I just used myself. I’ll just face replace myself Give me these LEDs Matt […]

Chris Pratt Shows You Around the Set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 // Omaze

Hey guys, Chris Pratt here. I am gonna get right to it. I want to make you the newest Guardian of the Galaxy. What?!? I am being serious. I’ve teamed up with Omaze to offer you the chance to be… my comrade for a day on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy 2. It […]

Go Kart Soccer Battle | Dude Perfect

What’s up guys we’re dude perfect and since the World Cup has kicked off We worked with 23 and me to find out where we’re from. And today we’re gonna be repping those countries in go-kart soccer. Here we go dude perfect The rules of this battle are simple play soccer with go kart Let’s […]

Model Rocket Battle 2 | Dude Perfect

TY: Launching in 3 2 1 Dude Perfect CODY (Voiceover): The rules of this battle are simple. Whoever’s rocket travels the highest is the winner. Also, there’s a 300′ bonus if you catch it! TY: ‘Kay, it is time for the 1st rocket launch of the day. Here we are, at the blast zone; as […]