Review Mikasa V200W Volleyball – Official Game Ball für DVV, VBL, ÖVV & FIVB

Hello dear volleyball friends! The MVA200 has been Mikasa’s official match ball since 2008. Now, eleven years later, a new model will be launched in June. And that’s the V200W. It will be the official match ball for the German Volleyball Volleyball Association, the Austrian Volleyball Association, as well as the German Volleyball League. Optically […]

3D Model Tug Boat Review

Tug Boat 3D Model Review

2018 Yonex Astrox 88 S Badminton Racket Review and Comparison between Arcsaber 11 and Jetspeed 12

Hey guys welcome back to YumoTube! This is Tommy and in today’s video I’ll be talking about the new Astrox 88S. I’ll also be comparing it to two similar and very popular rackets the Arcsaber 11 and the Jetspeed 12. The Astrox 88S is a head heavy and stiff racket that is designed for front […]

#FM19 | Welcome To The Job | Football Manager 2019

Some breaking news coming into us here at the studio, one of the most exciting young managers makes his top tier debut. It puts Manager Man’s long and glorious reign behind the club. Fans and players alike are hoping that this young visionary has what it takes to push this team forward. Reshmin Chowdhury, Sports […]

Everybody’s Golf – Easy Allies Review

Review Copy Provided by PlayStation. Nearly twenty years ago, Everybody’s Golf debuted in North America as Hot Shots Golf. Now, to celebrate this historic milestone for the prolific franchise, the worldwide title is simply Everybody’s Golf to help symbolize a fresh beginning. There’s an increased emphasis towards online connectivity and open world elements, but is […]

2018 Yonex Aerus 3 Power Cushion Badminton Shoe Review

Hey guys, welcome back to YumoTube! In this video, we’ll be taking a look at the new badminton shoes from Yonex, the Power Cushion Aerus 3 The Aerus 3 is the newest addition to Yonex’s line of badminton shoes They are available in blue and black for men and rose and blue for ladies The […]

VW Golf 7 GTI Performance DSG Review (English Subtitles)

Today we have the latest version of the most iconic hothatch.. the Golf GTI! It’s the seventh generation And it was about time The MK6 was basically a MK5 with a different body There weren’t any true mechanical upgrades Now there are! You can choose for the performance edition The performance pack (€1500 NL) includes […]

How to Use the Rear Seat USB Port | Hyundai

(upbeat pop music) – [Announcer] The rear USB ports are for charging only. To hook up your phone for car play or Android auto, use the front in-dash USB port. (upbeat pop music)

VW Passat R36 & Golf R32 Review [4K] | Brothers in R (English Subtitles)

We are big fans of the VW “R” products they make cars that are practical fast you can use them when it’s wet like today a couple of weeks ago we filmed the Touareg R50 and as Max said in that review there’s another rare “R” the Passat R36 and that’s what were driving today […]

2013 Opel Astra OPC / VXR Review (English Subtitles)

Today we’re on the road where the Corsa OPC showed us what it was capable of.. The true OPC qualities were displayed Today this Astra OPC has to proof it is better than its little brother.. ..and it’s biggest rivals! When I went to pick this car up, I was very excited! Because of the […]