How To Repair Your Ski And Snowboard Base With P-Tex

Getting scratches on your base is a normal part of skiing and snowboarding. Surface level scratches can be smoothed out with the base grind by a professional tune shop. But deeper scratches, or core shots, can interfere with your riding and will be a threat to the health of your skis or board. Core shots […]

Motorcycle and ATV Brake Bleeding

Hi, I’m Eric from Rocky Mountain ATV/ And today I’m gonna show you how to bleed brakes. We’re going to bleed our brake using the Tusk Hydraulic Brake Bleeder. The brake bleeder has a one-way check valve. This allows the brake fluid to flow out of caliper as the pedal is pumped without letting air […]

Play Station 4 Repair Video. Hard Drive, Power Supply, Disk Drive, Fan Cleaning

Alright today we’re going to take apart the brand new Play Station 4. We’re going to start with the hard drive. If you’ve already seen the hard drive replacement you can just skip ahead to about the one minute mark in this video. But right now we’re going to pop off the shiny plastic part. […]

Changing trailer wheel bearings

Hey there DangarStu here. Today’s videos is on changing the wheel bearings on a boat trailer and of course is for entertainment purposes only. Now the reason I say that is because jobs like this, if they go wrong, they do have reasonably serious repercussions, potentially, you can be traveling on a freeway doing 100 […]

How to Replace Rear Brake Pads : Removing the Parking Brake System from the Caliper

MARK BLOCKER: In this segment, we’re going to cover removing the rear caliper. On this model of vehicle, the rear parking brake system is integrated into the caliper. And it involves the use of a parking brake cable that actually is a lever that ratchets out the piston, the rear brake assembly, and that’s how […]

Are My Speakers Blown?

Today we’re going to talk about how you figure out if your speakers are blown, and blown is not a technical term. Blown is a term people use when their speakers either stop working altogether or they start sounding funny or weird. So sometimes if you have a party and there’s a lot of people, […]

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How to Remove Dash Panel & Instrument Cluster. VW Golf Mk2

Today I’m going to show you how to remove the dash panel and instrument panel on a mk2 Golf or Rabbit. First, having removed the radio, remove the cage for it as well. Then, remove the switches. These will pop out and you’ll need to detach those. Demister. Remove the blanking plates …and on the […]

Lead Acid Battery Desulfation Using Epsom Salt –First test after Charging Part 3 of 6

welcome back this is the third part of the epson salt d sulfation sequel series here we got that alfa romeo battery here again let’s see if it’s made a little bit of a difference after being charged again then not about the same two little lower now than it was before I think this […]

Keihin butterfly carb rebuild #1

Hi. I’m SportsterPaul. Today we’re gonna rebuild a Keihin butterfly carburetor. I’ve got one of them here along with six others, we’re gonna rebuild them all, get them going, show you the tricks. This is the Keihin butterfly carb. This isn’t to be confused with the CV constant velocity carb. That was ’88 and later. […]