CT’s Most Jaw-Dropping ‘Challenge’ Wins 😮 | MTV Ranked

– [Tom] All right guys, on your marks, get set, go. (Airhorn sounds) (energetic music) (crowd cheering and encouraging) – He just hops like a mother-(beep). He’s like a little frog. – [Man] All right that’s everything you got. – Hold it CT. – [Cara] CT’s the last one to go, and he has the […]

The Try Guys Try Drag For The First Time

– Okay, I can do this. – If it hurts, just work it. – That is my balls up here, and then my dick is back here at my butt. – No way, your balls are not all the way up there. – Today is a drag show here at Buzzfeed Studios. – We had […]

Tour of Our London Apartment

that’s a nice spot if you want to like pose for a painting right yeah there you go that’s that’s the painting right there today we’re going to Parliament and so I’m up a little early getting ready for the day while the kids are asleep and we’ll wake them up in a little bit […]

Ryan Zips Through Destinations With Golf Carts | Behind The Scenes | On Air With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest: This morning, I woke up and the hotel room was so dark in San Francisco Ryan: That I could not find the phone, because I thought I was in my own bedroom Ryan: I was so asleep that I thought I was in my own bedroom I was like, who moved my Ryan: […]

The Louvre & Eating Frog Legs in Paris

– [Chris] Bailey’s gonna have some frog. – It’s not my favorite thinking about how it’s a frog because I like frogs. – [Chris] Yeah. – But yeah it taste good. (all laughing) (uplifting music) (playful music) Good morning everyone. Today is our last day in Paris. Ugh. I want to stay in Paris so […]

Colosseum Tour & Roman Forum

– [Jessica] All right, Jacob is going to try his first Italian espresso. – [Parker] Can I try something? – [Jessica] (laughs) No. – [Chris] You don’t really like that, do you? – I love it. (laughing) (upbeat cheerful music) (elevator chimes) – Good morning everyone. Today is our last full day in Rome and […]

What’s a Bidet? Our First Day in Italy

– [Chris] No, you don’t take a bath. – You wash your hair. – [Chris] You don’t wash your hair in there. Keep your hair out of that. (kids laugh) – You put your bottom in it. – [Chris] Yes! (playful music) Good morning everyone. Okay, the next few videos are going to be pretty […]

Golf Cart Tour of Rome

– Duncan’s just fully immersing himself in the culture. (old Italian music) (happy music) – Good morning, everyone. Today, we will be taking a golf cart all around Rome. Oh this is good, this is good, let’s see. We’ll be taking a LivItaly Tour – Yeah hoo. – So today we’re working with LivItaly Tours. […]