Racing Remote Control Cars : How to Drive an RC Car

Robbie for expert village we’ll talks about driving. Now most folks get a little bit confused when it comes to driving on an RC track for the first time. They’ll see the experienced guys out there and their really moving along pretty fast so they’ll get out there and they’ll try to drive just as […]


RC ADVENTURES – OUTLAW U4 Off Road Racing – Asian Scale Invasion PT2 – RC Truck 4×4 Action HK 2016

Ride on Cars vs Mini Drift Cart Tug o War Challenge!

CWC vs BEST FRIEND BATTLE ROYALE Challenge to Learn if Hacker PZ9 is Justin – Hide and Seek 24 Hours

(intense music) (group members shouting) – [Chad] Hey, hey, you guys get off of him! (shouting) – Oh, my gosh. Oh, I got tased! – Ow! – Vy, you’re here. – Chad are you okay? – Oh, here’s our camera. What the heck, PZ9 was just here. – Yeah, where is he? – But those […]

Samsung Galaxy S9 4K Camera Test! Tug of War Pt. 1! Three-year-old vs RC Car!

You won! Yes!


yeaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Last year we had the idea of doing some Kinect for basketball, and we pulled it off And it was awesome this year the idea is Kinect for golf All right boys let me walk you through this piece of just artwork Here’s rip eyes now. It is very rip Uh class we […]

Ford Bronco Body Kit | Unboxing and Overview

The Ford Bronco Ranger XLT body kit is now available for the TRX-4 scale and trail crawler. The 1979 Bronco body adds unique retro styling with incredible scale detail. Let’s take a look at what’s in the box–the Bronco body painted black with clear windows, chrome front and rear bumpers, spare tire mount with the […]


Ready Guys, Three, Two, One. Scotty it’s a good day. Oh many dreams are coming true today Brett. Yes this trampoline Down the bottom of the tower it is and we’re doing some things today, we’re gonna drop a thousand golf balls. You had to write 1000 Callaway golf balls including some of the new […]

The Greatest R/C Car Chase Ever

*Engines Reving* *action intensified* *police sirens* *car crash* *car crash* *helicopter sounds* *heicopter sounds* *driving towards the Heli* *crashes *Cars trying to start*