if you’re going to camp out away from civilization away from utilities you’re going to have to do your business the old-fashioned way and then vary it vary it deep if you want to safely put out a fire you should bury it bury it deep these activities require a spate whereas we Americans call […]

Ep. 007 – How to make your horn work with an aftermarket steering wheel.

One of my most popular videos on my channel which I’m currently blogging on is a video about my Celica and in the video I’m talking about the NRG slim quick-release, Momo hub and a Momo steering wheel which I installed in my car. There’s two very popular questions on that video the most popular […]

Polaris Sportsman 500 Tusk SubZero ATV Snow Plow Mount Installation

Today, we’re going over the installation of the Tusk SubZero snow plow mount on the Polaris Sportsman. And these steps will be the same for a few other Polaris machines as well. Having the correct tools and some assistance will make this job a lot easier. For this video, we’ve stood the machine on end […]