PWM Controller Fan Motor Hookup

PWM 60 Amp Cooling Fan Hook up… The PWM Bi Directional Controller has two outputs, a high current, and a low voltage trigger. Here, we will show you how to connect, the high current 60 Amp, output to a fan blower motor. The idea is to actuate the motor to prove its operation. In automobiles […]

Solar Charge Controller | What is it and How it works in a Solar Power System

Hi. I’m Amy from the altE Store. I’m going to go over the basics of solar charge controllers with you. First let’s take a look where a solar charge controller fits into an off-grid solar system. The charge controller goes between the solar panel and the deep cycle battery. A Charge controller is an important […]

Wiring two charge controllers in parallel

Hi this is Amy from the altE Store. So, do you ever wonder what happens if you’ve got a charge controller that is only big enough for the solar panels you’ve got, maybe one panel and a small charge controller, or you’ve got a whole array that’s maxed out. And you want to add more […]