RIT Mud Tug 2013

[Music]>>Alpha Sigma Alpha!!>>Uh… We’ve lived in mud our whole life! We were actually born in a swamp. All of us… together! One family! >>We rose from the primordial ooze together!>>It’s random. There is gonna be like a white board up there that has the teams in like a bracket.>>RIT… are you ready to get dirty!?!? […]

Building Our TUG OF WAR Trucks!

– So hopefully you guys saw the video that we posted on Sunday where we told everyone that we are doing a tug-of-war. – We are gonna hook up the K-350, otherwise known as the F-350 for Arkon, up against CO2, our 2015 Silverado HD gasser six liter. And we are gonna tug-of-war until something […]

3D Model Tug Boat Review

Tug Boat 3D Model Review

Experience the Grittier Side of Tug of War

(ominous, heavy music) – [Voiceover] Are you ready? Okay, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Brooklyn, Wisconsin. We’re about to start the competition here today, and anytime you guys are ready to pull, well you go ahead and pull and never mind me. – Steady! (ominous music) (grunting) – [Voiceover] Tighter! – [Voiceover] Tug-O-War […]