Volleyball Explained: Psychology and Motivation

Code Golf 2 | FizzBuzz Problem

Code Golf Hello every one. Welcome to the second episode of Code Golf In this video we are going to solve the Fizzbuzz problem Before we start with the Fizzbuzz problem Shout out to Emad Ismael for breaking my score record on divisors I scored 76 and he came up with an awesome short solution […]

Brad Williams – A Wee Problem – This Is Not Happening – Uncensored

– First of all, kudos to this girl, okay? She’s willing to admit in front of a group of strangers and her coworkers, “Oh, by the way, I fucked a midget,” okay, like, kudos to her.[dark electronic music]– Welcome to “This Is Not Happening.” I’m your host, Roy Wood Jr.♪ ♪Some say it only lasts […]

How To Replace An Inner Tie Rod End

we’re really looking at replacing the intertidal hands on a two thousand volkswagen jetta but the stuff you know if i pretty much any randy in san diego uh… this car has really that run along symptoms when you drive straight answer highway speed is just fine when you turn signal to salute the less […]