Impractical Jokers – Chest Hair Chronicles | truTV

Is that chest hair? -Probably is. -Yeah, no, it’s impressive. It’s impressive. I have some, but not enough. I’m sorry to interrupt. I couldn’t help but notice your chest hair. Oh, you noticing that? Impressive. I had mine shaved. I trimmed. I’m embarrassed by it. I’m sorry, Murr, why don’t we tell the truth if […]

Impractical Jokers – Chair of Misfortune

Well Q lost, so today this is happening. Yeah! Get out of my way, people! Get out of my way! It’s a death chair. We control everything. -Here comes Q. -He looks like a lunatic. Joe: So, Q is now in a death chair. We control the chair itself. -The megaphone. -The leaf blower. And […]

Impractical Jokers – What Reservation?! (Punishment) | truTV

All right, are you ready for something new? Sal is our loser. Hey, buddy. You know that really annoying thing when you go to a restaurant, and the host can’t find your reservation? Yeah, got it. So they’re not gonna have my reservation. Sure. There’s sort of a reversal to that. I’m not gonna have […]

Impractical Jokers – Sal’s Shank Shots in Golf (Punishment) | truTV

Four jokers, one loser. We’re here at Dix Hills Golf Course where people are having just a great day playing golf. Beautiful. I don’t have to explain this to you, do I? Nope. I’m just gonna ruin people’s golf game. Both: Yeah. I added two and two. I got four. There you go. You got […]