“Football comes after family” | This is Thorgan Hazard

Hello BVB fans! Hello Thorgan! You’ve been here for almost five months now, and we’ve got used to seeing this, this, and even this. And we know you can be charming too, but we’d like to ask a few more questions, such as: Why do your new teammates call you Toto? Lots of people have […]

Stress, Portrait of a Killer – Full Documentary (2008)

What am I thinking about? Mortgage, debt, money pouring out… And I felt a lump …I know cancer when I feel it. Where is she? What is she up to? Never calling, never saying a word… Stress. It is everyone’s inferno, bedevilling our minds, igniting our nights, upending our equilibrium, but it hasn’t always been […]

10 Minute Photo Challenge / AllAroundAudrey

(upbeat music) – Hi guys! It’s Audrey and I’m here with my sistah, – Jordan! From JustJordan33. – And today were going to be doing the ten minute photo challenge. At a resort. – Oh yes. – So, but we’re having this as a twist up. I am gonna be taking pictures of Jordan first […]