Everything you need to Know about Dual Clutch Transmission | Hyundai

(cheerful music) – [Narrator] The first time you drove your Hyundai, you might have noticed that its transmission shifts differently than you expected. That’s because it has something in common with today’s supercars: a dual-clutch transmission, or DCT. Conventional automatic transmissions use something called a torque converter in the process of delivering power from the […]

How to Use the Rear Seat USB Port | Hyundai

(upbeat pop music) – [Announcer] The rear USB ports are for charging only. To hook up your phone for car play or Android auto, use the front in-dash USB port. (upbeat pop music)

Electric Cars Light Up New Owners, But Could Stress Power Grid

Joe DeCamp pulls his new electric car into his Carlsbad garage and he’s basically pulling into a filling station. Inside the garage, on the wall is a new EV charging unit.  The device resembles a gas pump.  The main box is connected to a long thick black hose.  The curved nozzle that plugs into the […]