Strike Your Irons Pure – 3 Great Golf Tips

Hey everybody Danny Maude here head professional at the Canterbury Golf Club in Kent and in this week’s training I’m dealing with a question from a recent client of mine who was really struggling to strike his iron shots pure basically he was fatting the shots hitting the ground behind the ball now if you’ve […]

Playing Golf with the Pros!

How To Regrip Your Golf Clubs at Home!

ah that’s my voice echoes hear that it echoes when I talk over the thing plus my pass out these are the sonar grips these are the TS ones Janice’s compound fingerprint technology I don’t know what any of that means today we’re just gonna install up a little more comprehensive view after I have […]


– Hi, Adam Bazalgette here in beautiful Naples, Florida. I’m two-time PGA Teacher of the Year Award winner, founder of Scratch Golf Academy, great subject today, how to start the downswing correctly. (upbeat music) So how to start the downswing correctly, boy that’s an important subject, affects your consistency, how solidly you can hit the […]

Top 3 Ways People Cheat in Golf!

in this video today I’m gonna talk about three ways your friends know or people you play golf with might just be taking advantage of you let’s do it okay the first way is having to do with how you mark your ball now you know you seen guys do this mark the ball and […]

What’s inside My Golf Bag?

The Biggest Mistake in Golf and How To Fix it FAST!

– There is a major epidemic. A disease in golf that’s most likely affecting your game and you don’t even know it. In my opinion, it is the worst thing in golf today and we’re gonna fix it, right now. (upbeat music plays) (hits ball) Did you see it? Did you see what I did? […]

What’s inside a Swingless Golf Club?

– We came up with a super great idea, incredibly safe. (club shoots) (man screaming) – [Host] What! This is Claire and she is golfing for her first time today. (Claire chuckles) Just relax, just relax, take it easy. In today’s video, Lincoln and I have a bit of a surprise for her. One of […]

Introducing: The New PING Logo for Ladies

The LPGA I mean my dad just loved the LPGA and my mother too You know they they’ve always wanted to support it and because they didn’t feel that the ladies were getting as much as they should So we have this new logo We tried to keep some of the same attributes of our […]