TPM Football – Match Tutorials – Cross Field Pass

One of the most effective methods for making good attacking progress up the field is to play a cross field pass. This is especially effective when the opposition doesn’t defend deep as a defensive unit. In this scenario, I (YNWA) currently have the ball. I can see that on the opposite side of the field […]

Volleyball. Training Video. Overhead Pass

Hello, it’s Vereshagin volleyball player with you I love playing volleyball, I’m happy to share the volleyball technique with you In this video I will tell you about overhead pass how to make it right First of all. All pass in volleyball begins with the initial standing. So before we begin to perform the overhead […]

Teddy Roosevelt helped institute the forward pass so football players would stop dying so much

– [Announcer] Hank’s going to throw a pass to Jimmy. Come on Jimmy, you’re in the open. Oh well, you’ll have another chance. – Imagine football without passing. Sure, for some fans out there, that might not be too hard. But in the early 1900s, it was almost impossible to imagine football with passing. Prior […]

Volleyball Explained: How do we organize our game against a strong serve?

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15 Types of Football Players

*Dramatic Music* *Indistinct chatter* *More Dramatic music* All right boys. We’re going to show them, THAT WE’RE MEN! Now let’s move in one direction! Let’s go! AHHHHHH *Soccer fans screaming* YEAHHHH! *Cheering* YEAHHH! *Booing* Offside! Offside, offside! Offside! Where are you going? *Fans cheering* Pass! Pass! Pass! You haven’t passed yet! YEAH!! We, are the […]

The Rules of Beach Volleyball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Beach Volleyball. The object of the game is for your team to win two sets faster than the opposing team teams, and teams are made up of 2 players. To win a set, you must score 21 points and be at least two points ahead. If the scores are 21-20 […]

Team USA’s Most Enthusiastic Volleyball Supporter | Groupies

Matt Garthoff, he’s a great guy. Matt is amazing! He’s the mascot. This guy has got so much energy. He gets the crowd going. OK, ready? Give me your best stuff. (MATT GARTHOFF, VOLLEYBALL GROUPIE) My name is Matt Garthoff, I’m 43 years old, On a day to day basis I’m a creative director, and […]


– What is up, my clan? Welcome to my Monday. I’m up and out of the house getting ready to meet up with Kade from A Ticket Anywhere for our monthly sushi lunch. We talk shop. We talk YouTube. We catch up on personal stuff and we just bro it out once a month. It’s […]