How to get “Mirror Finish Paint Work” Spray Paint Tutorial

How To Preserve Patina & Save The Appearance of Old Original Paint – Patina Preserver – Eastwood

yeah yeah patina and old cars is really hot right now but there’s never been a great way to keep that appearance looking out was when you pull it out of the barn some guys will use linseed oil and others will clear coat their car but both of these methods change the appearance of […]

How To Repair Clearcoat – Kevin Tetz Shows the Best Way To Fix Paint – Pt 1 of 3 – Eastwood

a happy people thank you for tuning in to another live stream broadcast brought to you by the eastwood company and me at Middle Tennessee patient’s studios here the live stream broadcast that we’re doing i’m really really digging taking advantage of the beautiful technology that is before us the internet we are live just […]

Duplicolor Paint Shop Base Coat Application Tutorial Overview

Man 1: All right. Well, we’re finally ready to apply the Paint Shop. There is a lot of little fine details that we need to take care of before we lay down the paint. Now what I did was I went through and I blew the entire car off with the air gun. Brian and […]

Sh*t I Never Knew: Bedline All The Things

– Hey guys, Shawn! With Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We have a shoot I never knew. People have been asking, I keep scorpion lining my vehicles. People have started commenting on, they’re wanting to know more about it. This isn’t our typical wheelhouse, see what I did there, Fuller? But, I […]

How to Spray Paint a Camouflage Pattern

Want a fun and unique way to store your outdoor gear and sporting equipment? Customize your shelving unit with a camouflage pattern. Rust-Oleum Specialty Camouflage Spray makes it easy. We’ll show you how to do it in just a few simple steps. Start by purchasing your paint and gathering up your supplies. For this project, […]