What to Wear Skiing and Snowboarding || REI

what to wear skiing and snowboarding let’s get you dressed right when you’re getting ready to go out skiing or snowboarding and you’re considering what you’re gonna wear there’s three layers that are important to wear in your body first being a base layer or a next to skin piece that’s gonna help wick moisture […]

Archery Whitetail Hunting

To say Joey has an obsession with deer hunting would be a huge understatement this guy lives and breathes white tails year-round habitat improvements food plots and meticulous scouting consume nearly every moment of free time he has as the 2016 season near he set the bar higher for himself in hopes of killing his […]


hit that subscribe button and when you do you see that little bell symbol if you want to get notified about every new video that we post make sure that that bell has the ringing symbol because if not you’re not going to get notified about every video that we post so if you want […]

MorphPro Bow Hanger | Quick Connect Archery & Compound Bow Holder Commercial

– [Narrator] The search is over. The Morph Pro Bow Hanger System is the original multipurpose bow hanger system designed for versatility and simplicity in mind. Need to preset sets, no problem. Its patented design allows for various install methods, making setup a breeze. Want to hang your bow, quiver, pack, and film, all in […]

How to Snowboard – the basics of riding for your first day || REI

– Hi, I’m Amy Gan with the American Association of Snowboard Instructors. I’m here with REI to show you some things you can do on your snowboard to have some success out there if it’s your first time out or you’ve only been out for a few times. So that you can get moving on […]

Bowhunting Whitetail Bucks 2018 Archery Deer Season Pa – Devon’s Buck

me but it’s the next morning we’re gonna go look for that deer we let him go all night obviously and apologize for jumping some of the video was as real windy and I was trying to reach for a call and not a whole lot of pregame up to the shot but what Joni […]


What up guys welcome back to JK Party, today we are taking it back old school we will be playing tug of war for three rounds. Contrary to popular belief this is not just a strength game, it is a game of teamwork. May the best team win Today, we’re playing tug of war! I […]

How to Make a Water Balloon Launcher

How to Make a Water Balloon Launcher. The old-fashioned way of just throwing water balloons yields unsatisfactory results. We need something bigger and better. You will need A funnel 16-20 ft. of rubber or latex tubing 2 washers A few feet of rope A drill & drill bits and water balloons. Step 1. Drill four […]