Badminton Smash Skill (4) The Best Way to Lose Power and Accuracy in Smash (Type 2)

Next point is elbow two, the elbow has to be tight tight, tight, why because its tight it opens when it opens it creates power ok, tight ok tight, so racket is say close to my body here, move this side watch close here, tight set bang set set, so it opens same, many players […]

VW Golf Carburetor Adjustments. Setting Fast Idle & Choke on Pierburg 2E2 Carb

This is a 1991 Volkswagen Golf 1.8 Driver with a GU engine and underneath the airbox here we have a Pierburg 2E /or 2E2 carburetor. If you’ve watched my other videos you will have seen that we removed the Waxstat and put it in boiling water to solve our high revving problems. We also replaced […]